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Dressing in clothes that you wouldn't consider 'your style' is the quickest way to change your state of mind. Bohemian is my latest obsession, as I've mentioned a couple of times before, so it was only a matter of time before I tried to pull it off myself. Although I wouldn't necessarily pick myself to wear something like this, it's a nice change to try something new, even if it is just style. I even edited these photos to match the vibes; love it. Besides taking a study break to try on pretty clothes, I have had been pretty busy this past week so I couldn't miss doing a highs and lows.

Horizon Dreaming

15.8.14 It's officially the period of Winter in which everyone becomes stuck in a rutt, living like a hermit and playing catch up on work that should have been done weeks ago. There's one place that no matter what mood I'm in, it's the place I want to be to unwind and reevaluate what needs to be done to move forward and get from A to B - that's home. There's not much here, especially in Winter, but it's the one place where enjoying your own company doesn't feel like I'm being a complete hermit, but rather enjoying a break from life. Sometimes it's so easy to get in a headspace where there's so much to do that you just do nothing at all, only making things worse, so getting out and away from all distractions is my best bet for surviving the next week. All I need now is the motivation to actually put plans into action.. Hope you enjoy my Spring lusting mood board.


12.8.14 Somewhere between now and this dress, the bohemian lusting began. I've had this dress for a little while now, but I couldn't find the right setting to do it justice. These colours remind me of Autumn actually, which is only fitting since we have gone through four seasons in the last week, may as well choose my favourite. Seriously, it was beach weather at the start of the week and then snow a couple of days ago. I had seen one of my favourite bloggers Jessica Stein (from Tuula) wearing an almost identical white lace dress and knew I had to own some version of it. In the back of my head anything white sets off some sort of 'that's going to be to hard to wear' alarm, but I couldn't of been more wrong. Fully lined, there's not much to think about when it comes to wearing this dress and my Senso heels couldn't have matched the dress and hat more perfectly.
Sometimes things just work out.

Wearing: Chichwish Dress, Glassons Hat, Senso 'Robyn' Heels

Solo Sunrise

8.8.14 This shoot is one of the best I've seen in a long time. I don't usually gravitate towards editorial shoots, simply because the staged natural and unreal photoshopping isn't something I'm particularly interested in, although they are beautifully glamourous. No, I will always be drawn towards photos that have a natural and understated look about them exactly like these. Firstly, the model Teresa Kacerova is insane - look at those lips! The relaxed, laid back feel and styling is spot on... oh how I long for Summer (it's snowing outside) I want NEED to move to the tropics, is that too much to ask? Continue reading to see the rest of the shoot, shot by Eric Chakeen and styled by Neelo Noory for Live Fast Mag.

Shaky Business

Like I've mentioned what must be hundreds of times before, if something looks comfy I immediately gravitate towards it. None of this hobbling in uncomfortable heels, squeezing into bodcon dresses sizes too small and feeling conscious of every movement made. You might not know, but I'm pretty much coffee obsessed, so this easy to wear top had to be mine. I think this is from Jenn from Clothes Encounters influence actually, bold graphic prints are a great addition to any wardrobe and she pulls them off like no other. Basically, it's a lazy girls dream. Choies actually has a lot of great pieces for really low prices so if you're looking to bulk your wardrobe I'd recommend stopping by there.

I finally managed to replace but completely ruined riding boots I got from ASOS forever ago with these Miista ones, I already know they're the best investment I've made since the last pair. It only took me (literally) seven desperate purchases of boots to get to this point, you can imagine how relieved I was to grab the last pair of these when I was visiting Wellington. This story actually is identical to my mission to replace my Le specs ones and I was relieved to find these super cheap ones from Ipop which don't make me feel guilty about treating them so badly, again, lazy girls dream. Lastly, I promise I seriously wasn't actually angry this day... ha

Petal Soft


August Wishlist I'm not sure if this really counts as mixing metals, but I'm not opposed to doing so. I think it's silly that we make these fashion 'rules' where you can't wear certain things, like black with blue, never wear horizontal stripes and the biggest no no of them all: wearing silver with gold. In my opinion, wear what you want! I'm actually a big fan of mixing metals depending on how it's done, the more delicate pieces the better and layered by the hundreds. Rose gold and silver look particularly good in my opinion and would work perfectly with the outfit above. On another note, I'm lusting after this coin necklace above. I've been gravitating towards more bohemian pieces while I long for summer to come back, so effortless. I actually bought a very similar one super cheap on Ebay so hopefully that comes soon - I have a horrible track record of buying things off there and them never arriving. Right, I'm off to get ready for my friends 21st party tonight, enjoy your weekend kids!


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