The Road Travelled

There's a certain point where I need to admit that my planning ahead never works out. So many times I wanted to shoot photos while traveling, but due to weather/plans/company it quickly becomes more and more difficult. So basically, this is my excuse for not sharing more of my own photos with you right now which I'm annoyed at myself for. Despite this, I have a weekend ahead planned in which I can finally get on top of my work load for good and I have even bought a diary dedicated to becoming more organised, wooo. 

I know I've said this over the years, and you've probably experienced it if you're a blogger yourself, but occasionally I stumbled upon these kind of set backs that completely discourages me and sort of puts me in this deflated mood. I guess it's something that happens to all of us at points in time and so I've been scrolling the tumblr feed looking for something to spark my interest; channeling a free spirit and endless opportunities.

Last Minute

I can't decide whether I like posting the full post or just a picture or two which you can then continue to read - thoughts? I'm currently exploring Wellington, making the most of the limited time I have left here. It's strange to think I only lived here months ago, but now I feel like I haven't been here at all. I love this city though, I'd move back in a second if it was going to help me get to where I want to go. Sadly, it isn't at the moment so I'm taking the time to enjoy it like I'm a tourist on holiday, eating at all the best cafes and exploring the scenery. There's nothing like exploring a place you've become so familiar with as though it's your first time seeing it all.


There's nothing like a bright jacket to add a little something to an otherwise monochromatic outfit. This jacket has been a staple in my wardrobe this Winter as it's made from wool and it super warm. I've been pretty lazy with my dressing since the weather has deteriorated, so easy and comfy outfits are my go to this season. A good striped top is an essential, I have this in two different variations which have been worn to death. I love how the deep blue matched Queenstown's waters quite perfectly, so stunning!

It's so nice to be sitting in a warm bed with a hot tea editing these photos while remembering how freezing it was outside this day. The traveling I've done lately reminds me how much I hate staying in one place too long, and how I miss the change. Familiarity is safe, I like change. That's probably the answer to why I'm soooo incredibly indecisive..

Queenstown Encore

A couple of weeks ago I tripped up for a week during the Uni holidays to stay with my friend Shelby at her house in Queenstown for a change of scenery. There's nothing quite like a simple trip out of town to leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the next semester of the year. It was so nice to be able to explore parts that you'd only know about if you lived there, and to see much more of a place that is so close, yet I've always taken for granted. I guess for tourists this is a part of NZ that is a necessary visit, but when you are surrounded with beautiful surroundings your whole life you really forget that it's not like this anywhere in the world. Even nicer, the weather was uncharacteristically warm so it was perfect for adventuring. I have some other posts planned that we shot up there, but for now here's a short photographic diary of a sort - as well as my highs and lows of the week. 

Simple Essentials


Simple Essentials

I've come to the conclusion that I need to move to a hotter climate so I don't look so stupid leaving the house in sub zero conditions, in shorts. I'm just not cut out for colder weather dressing and have practically spent the whole Winter so far in my ripped ASOS jeans. It's because of this that during times of season confusion, basic essentials are always the pieces you can get away with buying year round. For those warmer days with a cold breeze a white pleated skirt can be layered with a chunky cardi or ripped jeans with slip on sandals. In this way, you're not really limited to clothing based on 'seasons' but can organise yourself according to the day and what you're doing. I'm sure this isn't breaking news, but the fashion world focuses so much on the seasons I think we forget that these aren't actually set rules we have to dress by. That white tennis-esk skirt is going to be the next addition to my wardrobe, the ultimate sporty piece for those that didn't catch on to the number tees trend - sooo good!

Nineties Child

7.7.14 I like this outfit because in reality, that flannel is going to be on me not around my waist. I admit the weather has been exceptionally warm for this time of year, but Winter has finally struck and my days are spent avoiding the cold. Being a little hopeful I paired these super comfy ripped jeans with a semi sheer striped (of course) top and my new sunglasses in this grungy nineties inspired outfit. Maybe it's because the heatless sun was out, or maybe it's because my parents deserted me yesterday for Australia, but my summer-lust is at an all time high. What's with always wanting what we don't have?


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