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Zara has always been such an issue for me, it's sort of been a 'look but can't touch' situation since they don't ship to NZ. From trying to order and getting items forwarded between countries, to searching Ebay for sellers that offer international shipping; it has always been too much of a hassle. Such a shame really, since the collections are always impeccable and up to date on trends. Also, compared to NZ prices, very affordable. Just another reason why I don't like living in such a small country. When I first saw these boots though, I knew I had to have them right away. Being so similar to the Acne patent chelsea boots; shiny patent leather with a big chunky heel, I refused to give up on them. I searched around for a long time and finally stumbled upon a seller, who was extremely pleasant to buy from (answering all my 101 questions) and so I'm sharing my secret for getting Zara into New Zealand (and anywhere else in the world) today.

ana_138 on Ebay (here) is where I bought these boots from, but they also stock a lot more on trend Zara pieces that have been seen on bloggers everywhere. My boots arrived within a few short days and were brand new in the box. I couldn't be happier with them and I'm so happy I finally found someone reliable to shop from!


  1. Hello, how are you? Yes,me too, Zara has always been my issue,and this boot is so so great,so funky

    I am Royal Wang,i invite you to read my new post

  2. I had a similar issue with brands when I lived in NZ a few years back :(
    Enjoy your new boots they are amaze!

    Lauren xo

  3. Elles sont superbe !!!

  4. Zara (as of today) is now avaliable in New Zealand! They don't stock shoes yet but Co.Label launched a range of Zara garments yesterday that ship to NZ! Lucky for our closets, deadly for our credit cards.

  5. This pair is gorgeous! x

  6. Those are so pretty! Zara is like anyone's fashion wonderland, but it's so pricey I couldn't agree more to the fact that it's "all look and no touch!" xx

  7. Hi! thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it. I did not know this blog, it's pretty amazing. You have a new follower now! do you mind to follow me on bloglovin'?
    have a nice day xx, Carla

  8. I love these boots! So chic!


  9. Real nice boots

  10. great boots, real bargain!

  11. Yes! Thank you! Just in time for Winter, been looking everywhere to replaced my cracked Topshop ankle boots. Gonna order me some

  12. Kendra! The link doesn't work anymore :(

    1. Thanks Ruby, just fixed it for you :)


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