Category: Inspiration

On Your Own

There’s nothing quite like early morning exercise, followed by fresh fruit from the trees outside and a swim in the river. I came home to get some work done before I get too far behind […]


I’m finally starting to feel like I’m on holiday. My days have been spent in the sun, completing projects I’ve had on my to-do too long and seeing friends, with my nights filled with fireworks […]

Out Of Reach

Life easily becomes overwhelming. I often have a million and one things I want to do, written down on an endless list that eventually finds itself hiding as a bookmark in a magazine; quickly forgotten […]

No Mythologies

This week has been busy, and busy for me really just means stuff happened. I think I try to convince myself that things are happening often but really it’s just me stressing about the work […]

Last Minute

I can’t decide whether I like posting the full post or just a picture or two which you can then continue to read – thoughts? I’m currently exploring Wellington, making the most of the limited […]


There’s nothing like a good dose of exam stress and late night study to bring out some teenage angst. I’m not even a teen anymore, so, I’m not really sure what it makes it? Anyway, […]

Hump Day

When it’s been a slow week, there’s nothing like tumblr to refresh your perspective on things. My exams are fast approaching, and so I’m attempting to actually read through my content so I only mildly […]

Life Is Cynical

..despite your heart of gold. Don’t worry, the title isn’t foreshadowing some depressive post (although, the photo matches quite nicely) they’re just song lyrics. I was thinking about putting together a little playlist every now […]


Tumblr¬†Reality is, everyone will walk over cracked pavements once in their lifetime. It’s almost certain that you’ll fail on numerous occasions, and it won’t always be your fault. Just thought I’d share that line since […]