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The Perfect Summer Sandals

Last week I took full advantage of our first day of summer weather by lying all day in the sun.

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Velvet choker 2016 |

Velvet Dreaming

It’s not Pokemon Go or the new Harry Potter, but it’s got me pretty excited…

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Lusting: Spice Girls Boots

Yup, I think this confirms that I’ve caught some kind of Spice Girls fever – minus the gigantic platform.

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Lusting: Two Tone Denim

It’s no secret that the two-tone Vetements denim has taken over every fashion week..


Ever since that Celine circa 2010 wedge moment, I’ve had a thing for clunky wooden heels. It wasn’t until I saw a girl wearing the Jeffrey Campbell look-a-likes today that I actually remembered the moment […]

Summer Essentials

Since November is nearly over (!!!) I thought I’d put together a little mash up of what essentials I’ve been adding to my closet in preparation for Summer. Of course, white tee and denim shorts […]

Hello October

I’m slowly refreshing my wardrobe with crisp white basics, delicate undergarments and subtle accessories that I know I’ll still be reaching for in the years to come. There’s something about simple outfits that will always […]

Petal Soft

I’m not sure if this really counts as mixing metals, but I’m not opposed to doing so. I think it’s silly that we make these fashion ‘rules’ where you can’t wear certain things, like black […]