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May Resolution

I’ve always kind of given in to the typical colour palettes to match the season. You know, black/maroon/grey for winter and pastels for spring, that kind of thing. It’s not something I ever thought much […]

Maxed Out

So this post in particular is full of photos because right now I am over caffeinated and pretty stressed, slash I don’t have time to be writing this. Funny this is, I thought University would […]

On Your Own

There’s nothing quite like early morning exercise, followed by fresh fruit from the trees outside and a swim in the river. I came home to get some work done before I get too far behind […]


I’m finally starting to feel like I’m on holiday. My days have been spent in the sun, completing projects I’ve had on my to-do too long and seeing friends, with my nights filled with fireworks […]

Out Of Reach

Life easily becomes overwhelming. I often have a million and one things I want to do, written down on an endless list that eventually finds itself hiding as a bookmark in a magazine; quickly forgotten […]

No Mythologies

This week has been busy, and busy for me really just means stuff happened. I think I try to convince myself that things are happening often but really it’s just me stressing about the work […]