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As promised at the very start of the year, 2015 is set to be the one of experiences and today kicked things off to a good start. Today my friends and I travelled down south […]

It’s Late

To be completely honest I have been a little overwhelmed the past 24 hours and so my time schedule is all a little mucked up. As in, I just went to the supermarket and it’s […]


The heat wave that we’ve been stuck in has taken a serious toll on my productiveness, not complaining, but it’s hard to get anything done when you just want to lye in the sun all […]


Happy New Year! How is it even 2015? I’ve done quite a lot of self reflection in the past month after encountering a lot of “why me?” situations, and one thing has really stuck: do […]

Until Next Time

2014 has been quite the ride and I can’t quite believe it’s nearly over. The year has been full of mixed emotions and memories. The last few days have been probably some of the best […]

Days Go By

I’m meant to be packing right now to go away for New Years celebrations, but after years of boarding school I know I can be ready in 10 – consider it my party trick. Although, […]

At The End

I feel like I haven’t done a weekly re-cap in a while and things have been happening so I thought I’d welcome the weekend with one. My internet at my parents house rivals dial up […]


Besides the fact that I’ve handed in a couple of assignments this week, I can’t really say I’ve achieved much else. I’m so bad at putting everything off to focus on one thing at a […]

At Twilight

Since finishing university for the year I’ve kind of been in limbo. I have this on going argument, in my head, debating what I should actually do for the next three months. Still without an […]


The first photo was taken earlier today and it’s safe to say that I’ve surrendered to the weather since, sitting in my oversize hoodie, drinking tea with the heater on full. I went away for […]