Highs & Lows Of The Week #4

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I’m not going to lie, this week has been a tough one. Between all the stress and organising I haven’t had a moment where I’ve felt completely at peace. Even yesterday’s adventure fell short when a storm cloud rolled over the hill and started saturating Sydney. I think honestly has always been the best policy for “internet life” and I always try to stay true to that. It’s not realistic for me to always talk about the best parts and ignore the rest. This week was just too overwhelming, but I feel a lot better now everything has come together. So, on that note, lets dive in.




  • I finally went to go see Vivid with Madison and Liv the other day and it didn’t disappoint. Not even when it started raining. Vivid (if you didn’t know) is a light show on in Sydney right now. If you haven’t yet, you have to get down there and see it.
  • Sampha’s album Process – his voice is buttery and melodic. I love. I can’t. It’s too good. Just go listen to it yourself hereokay?
  • I’ve been digging that whole “scarf around top knot” look. Yeah, I’m late to the party. It would be great in winter because my hair tangles under my coat – you know what I’m talking about right? Here are my faves:



  • I downloaded the Mac software F.lux which dims your computer lighting according to the time. For people who work too late and then can’t sleep after being exposed to the bright laptop light. I can tell you, it works! It’s such a good idea, although the yellow can take some getting used to.
  • Renee coming to visit. It wasn’t really this week but I started the draft of this post last week and I had written it. Although we didn’t end up doing too much, it was nice to have someone to Uber Eats and Netflix with on the rainy days.
  • The Bondi to Bronte walk yesterday. It was so nice to get a bit of fresh air and take some photos finally. I’ve been planning on getting down there to take photos so I can put together some collages. I think I’m going to create some for prints too – watch this space.
  • My Acai Bowl from Bare Naked Bowls in Bronte. I struggled to finish it because it was so big, but it tasted too good to waste. Got it to take away and sat by the Bronte Pools which was such a nice way to end my walk. I love that area.
  • When things just work out. This week has been a whole lot of that.

Outfit of the week




?Bronte beach, sydney



  • I miss going on adventures. Anyone that knows me knows I love to do this, and I’ve probably made them go with me. Anything from driving to a new place, climbing a different hill or discovering a new beach. I just love exploring, and I feel like I haven’t done enough of it lately.
  • The reality of my current situation really dawned on me this week – and it came crashing down. Hard. I’m someone who always has a lot of great friends surrounding me wherever in the world I have am. The kind that you can actually rely on when you’re in trouble, not surface friends. This week I realised that for once I just don’t and I feel really out of my depth. I miss my friends that go deep. I miss just sitting, drinking and discussing some kind of theory of Alan Watts’. Or maybe just talking about how fucked the world is. I don’t know. I love Sydney and the friends I have here, but I just miss the quantity I have at home.
  • On that note, moving around TOO much. Granted I usually love it, but I think this time it’s caught up to me. Or maybe it was just my choice to quit my job. I miss the interaction of different people, meeting people.
  • Too much me time. I’m getting Cabin Fever.
  • Also, I have a parcel coming to this house but I won’t be back here for ages. I hate the post – it almost always arrives too late. Meh.
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