• Gahs I really want to go to Melbourne after seeing such gorgeous images!

  • ive never actually dyed my hair, but ive always thought if i did id love to give the ombre look a go! cant wait to see your results.
    all those fresh fruit & vegies have made me yummy!
    get anything in acne?x

  • do the ombre! it's so fun! but def deep condition after, learn a lesson from me… :]

  • hi 5 mee too! I'm getting balayage done to my hair its the same as ombre too! I have to go brunette first though. so excited! Keep me posted on how yours turns out!

    p.s they have an acne store in melb? ahhh jealous!!

    xoxo from me here at little-ladylove.blogspot.com

    – Baz

  • Those photos are great. I've always wanted to go to Australia!

    I've been.. average. It says why on my blog 😛

  • Yay for Ombre-ing! I did mine a couple of days ago, am yet to blog about it haha

    can't wait for photos!


  • Stunning photos!! And I'm sure you'll rock your new hair 😉

  • Thanks for sharing this inspiration.

  • Melbourne is so wonderful I love its oldworld/new world feel, coolest thing ever! 🙂


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  • Amazing pics!

    Go for Ombre! I love it, but my hair is too short… :o(

    From Munich With Love
    Angie -> http://munichstylelover.blogspot.com

  • that farmer's market looks soo delish!


  • your photos make Melbourne look better than I feel like it is! Haha. That Acne store will be the death of me!