Still aiming for 200, Follow if you can please 🙂 Zippora Seven is slowly becoming one of NZ’s most famous models.  Who can blame a person that gorgeous!(Photos: Henrik Purienne)

Just for my friend Bayley, my new necklaces. Lisa Olsson is a swedish blogger that takes amazing photos of herself, her friends and more importantly her outfits.  She has one awards for her blog and […]

Say hello to my new camera!  It’s a Nikon D3000 and takes great photos. So i’m not sure what to do next with this baby  but it is so much fun to play around with, […]

(Abbey Lee by Hanneli Mustaparta) There’s something about this photo that I love and can’t stop looking at. My internet has been extremely slow which is why I am only doing a small update. I […]

s. u. m m e r This summer is the time for new beginnings,  leaving you past in the past and looking forward to the future. The weather is heating up here and I can’t […]

Dree Hemingway in V So i’ve been a bit uninspired lately. The up and coming exams are stressing me out and don’t even get me started on studying. So I’ve made do with what I […]

AESA I’m loving any jewelery at the moment and there is just somethingabout earthy type things that attracts my attention.I love the purple crystal used for the first piece andthe way the others have been […]