s. u. m m e r This summer is the time for new beginnings,  leaving you past in the past and looking forward to the future. The weather is heating up here and I can’t […]

Dree Hemingway in V So i’ve been a bit uninspired lately. The up and coming exams are stressing me out and don’t even get me started on studying. So I’ve made do with what I […]

AESA I’m loving any jewelery at the moment and there is just somethingabout earthy type things that attracts my attention.I love the purple crystal used for the first piece andthe way the others have been […]

This is just a quick post to follow on from my last one about my D.I.Y pieces. I couldn’t take photos of them all todayas I am still having uploading problems but I will fixthis […]

Do It Yourself Thought I’d post my so far attempts at D.I.Y pictures but since I am having trouble uploading photos still I decided to post the photos of what I “tried” to make 🙂

So Fierce Alexander Wang anyone?Sorry if I’m a bit old to discovering these but as I am havingproblems uploading pictures I had to resort to other options.(fashionising)

50th Post! I was visiting Bleach Black blog and came acrossthese amazing pieces of jewelery.Straight from the website,Speech‘s inspiration for these piecescomes from simple things likecoca cola tabs to swords and also pieces of puzzles,very […]

random in-between post Just a quick post before I head to bed, I saved this picture a while ago and thought I would share.I love the colours and layers but alsothe dress/skirt (?) she is […]