• i've got to get myself one of those collars! they're fantastic! LOVE!

    x Lauren

  • Those wedges amaze me, they are absolutely gorgeous!



  • wonderful wedges!!

  • Oh yes! drams are free 🙂
    I love those wedges!

    See you!

  • those velvet wedges are amazinggg x

  • Love the velvet wedges! Perfect height!

  • in love with both the collars and the wedges! even if you did look like an outcast…you'd look like an awesome one 🙂

  • I think I would wear those shoes everyday for the rest of my life. I've always loved velvet shoes in bright colors. Great find!

  • I loooove those wegdes! and the collars are so cool!

    love, Marie My from http://www.nemesisbabe.blogspot.com

  • kendra those shoeeeeees! can i marry them?

  • Anonymous

    killer shoes!


  • ooooooooooh those collars are amazing, you should deff get some! Who cares!