10 Winter Must-Haves I Can’t Live Without

In the spirit of celebrating the worst season, I have brought back out some out favourites for a cameo. From skin care to beauty and clothes, here we go…

We’re already a month and a half deep into winter and I am still in denial. Despite my best efforts to ignore the torrential rain outside and the frosty temperatures, it’s becoming harder to wear shorts without getting some weird glances. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Covid-19 stole my autumn and I want it back.

In the spirit of celebrating the worst season, I have brought back out some out favourites for a cameo. Namely, oils. There’s something so satisfying about lathering your body in it fresh out of the shower. Like a quick trip to the spa without leaving the comfort of your bedroom. That is after all where I’ve been 24/7 this week. I’ve been so sick with a cold I’ve only managed to leave my room to eat, drink and pee – on repeat. Strangely, it’s been nice. With all this time to myself, I’ve been able to swap out my makeup, clothes and jewellery in favour of things that work better for this season.

With that being said, I’ve put together my current must-haves in case you’re looking for some inspiration (motivation?). These are the things I find myself reaching for on the daily – no matter whether I make it out the front door. I also included some alternatives I love for you to shop because I know these won’t be around for long.

My 10 Winter Must-Haves

Chunky Cable Knitted Sweater

1. Chunky Cable Knitted Sweater

Knit jumpers are always a must, no matter how cold it is outside. I’m embarrassed to say that when this pink one came in the mail I wore it so much I immediately ordered it in another colour. Is this love? That’s as close to it as it gets for me. For less than $100 it’s a steal and you 100% won’t regret buying it – I haven’t and I have two.

Tom Ford Highlighter

2. Tom Ford Highlighter

A good highlighter is a necessity year-round, but especially when you’re face is as dry as the Sahara desert. Fake it to you make it – this one is a favourite of mine for that dewy looking skin. Plus the other end is a matching blush so you can be that little bit lazier on the daily. I believe the stick may be sold out so I’ve linked a duo I’ve heard nothing but good things about.

3. Origins Ginzing Eyecream

3. Origins Ginzing Eyecream

Eye creams, I’ve always been sceptical of you. Until I hit the big mid-twenties I didn’t find the use in them. Now I’m converted. If you want to wake up feeling fresh or go out into the day looking that little bit less hungover this is a secret weapon. I use the Origins Ginzing Eye Cream during the day and Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye at night because that one is intense but oh, so good.

Auzland Uggs Slippers

4. Auzland Uggs Slippers

Uggs always remind me of my boarding school days since it was the only thing anybody ever wore. I never owned them back then but I’d always steal my friends. It’s only taken me another 10 years but I finally have my own. These are AMAZING. Warm feet equals comfort and these are a must around the house.

Tom Ford Perfume

5. Tom Ford Perfume

Is this getting boring? Because I know I’ve mentioned Fucking Fabulous a ridiculous amount of times. With good reason though, this sexy perfume from Tom Ford never leaves my side. I favour this for nights out but also, for my pillows. I like to smell it everywhere, okay?

Rawkanvas Oils

6. Rawkanvas Oils

Couldn’t forget the oils. I ran out of my favourite from last year, the Herbivore Orchid Facial Oil so I traded it for the Rawkanvas one that has no nasties in it, and is equally as lush. I am a huge fan of their Calming Hemp Body Oil too. If you can get past the random scent, it makes your skin feel incredible and isn’t tacky like most body oils.

Arby & Opal Sweatpants

7. Arby & Opal Sweatpants

What is winter without sweatpants? I was on the hunt for some white ones that didn’t also showcase my underwear. What is with people making such thin pants!? Anyway, these are fleece lined and feel like heaven. There’s a reason I’m still wearing them today even though I’ve smeared make up all over my butt. Let’s be honest, I’ll be buying these in every colour too.

Luv AJ Hoops

8. Luv AJ Pearl Gold Hoops

I got these earrings at the start of lockdown from Luv AJ and they’re probably my most worn pairs. I love a gold hoop and the pearls look extra cute with winter knits. Kind of a “take me for a picnic” vibe.

Syrene Skincare 10 Winter Must-Haves | StolenInspiration.com NZ Fashion Blog

9.  Syrene Aqua Hydrating Masque

Winter equals dry skin and I am the queen. This masque is from a local skincare brand Syrene and it’s been a favourite of mine over the past year. I love it because I don’t often wash it all off, just a light wipe and patted into the skin. A no-fuss, easy to remember to use (because how many people ever remember to use a face mask religiously?). The tub is huge so definitely worth the price tag.

High Chelsea Black Winter Boots

10. High Chelsea Black Winter Boots

Lastly, but most importantly – the great winter black boot. These look identical to the Bottega Veneta boots seen everywhere over the past few months so I had to jump on the bandwagon. There are so many copies now though you can get the look and still have money for lunch. Love, love, love.

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