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    i always love the pictures you choose!

  • love the photos.

  • love these, especially bruno dayan's; i'm a great fan! i do photography so know a bit about here and there. also love the half naked girl, the composition is great!

    was going to say i love your blog, but it looks like you have many! so i will look through them all now.

    oh, and get the leather trousers! i still havent, but im hoping to when i land my new job!

    following 🙂

  • amazing photos (:

  • love the pics!


  • hi!
    I L ur blogg
    here I leave you mine if u want to see it

  • i loove all of these photos
    i mean they're gorgeous

  • Amazing pictures!

  • Love them all! Great blog!


  • love this, all looks great xx

  • Love it as usual!


  • Sometimes jumbled & crazy is beautiful. xx

  • beautiful! i love this post! and your blog of course! xox

  • these pictures are gorgeous!!!

  • Love the pictures.

  • awesomeeeee

  • waow! gooorgeous images, i'm so in love with them all!

  • Perfect styles and cool personalities !! I adore the last pic ;D

  • we've posted the second pics a few days ago!
    your blog is just beautiful, i'm gonna follow you

  • Love all the pictures but the last one… I just want to copy that look.

    B* a la Moda

  • This is ridiculously amazing! You continue to inspire with each one of your posts!

    -Shoeless Simone