• love this girl…so adorable. and of course the white docs, shorts and slashed up tank!

  • who is this girl? she is gorgeoous. and stylish too.

  • This girl is so beautiful!

  • I've never seen white Docs 'til now … that girl is so gorgeous!

  • increíble 🙂


  • I totally agree…I've been debating whether I want white docs or red docs….white looks awesome in these pics!

    Fashion X K8.blogspot

  • love those docs.

    great blog!


  • I agree !
    I don't know if you know Cocorosa but she does great outfits with hers !

  • love these photos!

  • i have been looking forward to wearing white doc's, denim shorts and have sun tanned skin for ages now, but think i have to wait even looonger….. great pictures!

  • very cool docs, boots and shorts would be lovely to wear somewhere warm xo

  • Love the blog!


  • Cobra snake has the best photos ever. fact. I love all of your blog posts, keep it up!


  • she is sooo cute!

  • Awesome black shredded top
    Rianna Bethany xxxxx

  • you better come on facebook tonight. love zara. tonight as in friday 😛

  • love it so much!!!!!!!1

  • I love Doc Martens… A boot I once stereotyped as goth or punk, now I am in love.