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Is anyone else excited for New Years?

Answers to your questions: 
does it take long to get those perfect pictures?
It depends, usually i just stumble upon them while im looking around blogs, usually not long.

Where do you get all of your pictures ??
i have many blogs and websites i love to visit for inspiration 🙂

What is your favorite site that has the best inspiration pictures ?
I love Lisa Place right now because i just got my new camera and shes just a girl
my age taking amazing pictures with hers which i’d love to be able to do

where can i find such rings?
Alot of the rings i posted in my last post are New Zealand rings, 
try searching meadowlark, stolen girlfriends club and the website bonadrag

Do you have plans for the direction of your blog in the future???
I want to start taking photos with my new camera of outfits and other things that also inspire me

who is your inspiration?
there are sooo many people! alexa chung, atlanta de cadenet and i love models when they are out in everyday wear

what thing do you like the most and you can’t live without?
I love my freedom and being able to grow up in the most beautiful country and i couldn’t
live without my friends and family 🙂

favourite piece of clothing?
i love love love dresses! but i can never find the perfect one

what’s your biggest dream?
to be successful and happy with whatever happens in my life

What are you doing for it then? (New Years)
im going away to a place called Wanaka to visit and spend time with all my friends 🙂

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  • ME! What are you doing for it then?

  • Yes, I'm!
    Hope you had a great Christmas!

  • great photos (:

  • Always, a new year could mean a new life.

  • me 🙂

    i love new year night!

    merry christmas for you

  • hell yeah 🙂 love the pics!! <3

  • oh, I just saw the answers to the questions today 🙂 nice
    I'm not very enthusiastic with new years :s this year is going to be passed with my parents and not with friends :s

  • happy new year to you, too!

  • beautiful pictures 🙂 i liked knowing more about you!

  • Love the pictures, especially the first one… so adorable.

  • Happy new year 😉


  • great post! happy new years!

  • Awesome photos and great post! ;D
    Happy new year and take care.

  • Yay for new cameras and Wanaka – I just got back from Tekapo but am stuck in ChCh for New Years… Have a great time and post up some coolie pics, yeah? Peace xo

  • I love the top photo!!!!!


  • I LOVE THESE PHOTOS! I've just stumbled across your blog, and would be greatful if you'd take a small look at mine because I'm just starting out! Keep up the great work,

    V x


  • Happy new year my dear !!
    I'm so so sorry for the holiday-absence !
    Plus I missed your supersweet comment, thanks again !

    And I really wish you the most beautiful year EVER !