• hi. your blog has such gorgeous pictures- does it take long to get those perfect pictures?

  • Where do you get all of your pictures ?? What is your favorite site that has the best inspiration pictures ? ( After your own of course !) 🙂

  • and i believe and kissing, kissing a lot. hihihi.

    happy holidays!

    I am Denise Katipunera

  • oh how i loveeee rings<3
    my obsession
    where can i find such rings?:D

  • lovely rings, and great blog 🙂

  • lovely rings 😀


  • Do you have plans for the direction of your blog in the future??? *curious!!* 😛

    The rings are fan-tab-u-losity! 😀 You ROCK!!

  • what ou who is your inspiration? what thing do you like the most and you can't live without? favourite piece of clothing? what's your biggest dream? (:

  • ahhh I am on a MAD ring search as well(: great blog