• She is gorgeous!

  • she is hands down one of my favorites.

  • she is gorgeous, and those pictures are stunning ♥

  • She is very pretty.


    One Love,

  • This is like, WOW.

  • woow, i'm totally in love with your blog!
    i love ALL your posts.
    this one is also so beautiful, i love Henrik Purienne's work

  • this post is gorgeous! lol. esp the second pic!
    love your blog! i saw that you got a new slr camera! cant wait to see all the pics you take of your outfits! 😀
    following you 🙂


  • Love Zippora, she's fast becoming a favourite. Second shot is perfect

  • Of course she should be famous! She's freakin stunning and with a name like that (real or not)she was made for world domination!!!!

    Great photos btw.

  • YAY for New Zealand.

    I love her photo shoots.

  • would love love to exchange links my dear!
    will add you when i get home from work!
    xo hope u enjoy your day!

  • Wow she's gorgeous <3

  • she's just P E R F E C T !! and anyone saying that she isn't is just lying
    thanks for your comment ^^

  • gorgeous! I love your blog header by the way! So pretty

  • she's so pretty! i wish i was herrrr

  • Woohoo! For once, NZers are not cutting down their beautiful Tall Poppies 🙂

  • Yes! She is gorgeous! These photos are so beautifully soft and laid back! I wish I looked like that when I rolled around in bed. But I more look like Godzilla!

  • thanks for the comment!

    i love your blog too… so awesome…such great imagery!!

    would you want to exchange links?++

  • consider yourself linked:)+

  • You totally deserve it ;D

  • congrats on the milestone :))
    happy Holidays to you, xoxo

  • love your blog!

    wanna follow each other?
    we're following you 🙂

    xo, camilla

  • There is something magical about her face! Also, I have a little project in mind that I'd love to work on with you! I'll email you the details and see if you are up for it.

    Love Grace.

  • ohh yess! i totally agree with you!! she is a very gorgeous girl!

  • hi!

    follow me, i'll follow you!!

    beautiful blog.