15 Ways I Saved A Lot of Money To Travel The World

Looking for 15 tips on how to save money so you can travel the world? You’ve come to the right place and it’s a great place, trust me.

It’s no surprise to me that the question I’m asked most often is “how did you save enough money to travel the world?” In fact, I’m pretty sure my parents are still in shock – turns out I’m a good saver after all! It’s taken a lot of trial and error but I’ve found a heap of easy ways to save money, so you too can travel the world.

Before I get into the tips I just want to say put your dream destination everywhere – and I mean everywhere. Your phone lock screen, desktop picture and bank account name. It will be the best feeling in the world when you get there and know you’ve made it happen all by yourself. I know because that’s what I felt.

Save For Travel | How to save enough money to travel the world | Stolen Inspiration

Save For Travel | How to save enough money to travel the world | Stolen Inspiration

15 easy ways to save money to travel the world:

1. Plan ahead

I started thinking about travelling about two years before, but I wasn’t serious about saving my money until I decided I was going about 8 months before, so you don’t need much time. It’s easier if you start earlier – keep that in mind.

2. Cut out coffee

First thing I did was stop buying coffee and utilising the Nespresso machine at work. That’s nearly $5 a day! Trust me, it adds up.

3. Get a job

I had about 3 going at all times – my full time day job, my blog and any freelance I could get.

4. Open a travel bank account

My ‘Europe 2016’ bank account happily took about 40% of every pay check and it added up VERY quickly. Also, not seeing it in your spending account makes you conscious of every purchase.

5. Get D.I.Y happy

This means hair cuts, nail appointments and salon waxes all became at home jobs. Small sacrifices for the bigger picture.

6. Sell your clothes

As a blogger and a gal who works in fashion I had too many extra clothes lying around. While I did get ripped out for trying to hustle an extra $10 here and there, it added up quickly. I put this money in an separate account and it was in the thousands by the end. I also dropped heaps off at a designer second hand store to make extra pocket money long after I’d left.

7. Leave your debit card at home

I can’t tell you how many nights this has stopped me from being “that girl buying the shots”.

8. On that note, preload

Yes, now’s your time to throw it back to those University days and drink $10 cheap & nasty bottles of wine.

Save For Travel | How to save enough money to travel the world | Stolen Inspiration


9. Stop spontaneously eating out

Planning ahead ensures you enjoy it more and don’t end up “treating yourself” everyday. Let’s face it, we’ve all played that card.

10. Only buy online

If you “have to” buy a new dress make sure it’s online with a discount. I wrote the perfect guide for discount online shopping (which I lived by) – you can find it here.

11. Get an online job

I used Upwork, a website dedicated for freelance creative online work, to gain money on the side in my spare time.

12. Become a blogger

Let’s be real – I get paid to do cool things.

13. Use public transport

I never had a car while living in Auckland and that meant saving on fuel, warrants and repairs. I spent extra time being bored on a bus, but that I gained back in travel overseas.

14. Live with your parents

If this is an option to you, I’d 100% recommend it. Before moving away to Auckland for work, I deliberately finished my degree at home just so I could save.

15. Entertain yourself for free

Outdoor movies at Silo Park, swimming at beaches, Christmas lights on Franklin Road and social events – if it was free in Auckland, we did it. As long as you’ve got good company it’s easy to save some extra money without killing your social life.


There you go, 15 easy ways to save money so you can travel the world. Once you get in the mindset it becomes second nature. Before you know it, you’ll be buying a one way ticket abroad! I had no idea this time last year that I’d be travelling now, but it’s already the best decision I’ve ever made. Hope these tips help you on your journey and I’d love to hear any of your own.

Happy travels!

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