• beautiful photos!

  • Really like the photos! 🙂

  • Wow, that second photo is so cool. And those trousers in the background on the last photo caught my attention, I just have to say!

  • Love the photos!

  • great pictures!

  • She's great! Love the pictures…very inspiring!

  • i love her!
    she's so pretty, and her outfits are all really nice!

    love annie, xx

  • So that's her name…I've loved seeing her on the cobrasnake so much!

  • love her style too!

  • adore these xx

  • Can I just say how MUCH i love the layout of your blog?!?!


    I love her eyes – so doe-like!

    RS 🙂

  • I like these hats a lot…. I wonder if I should try one myself. 🙂

  • love all the photos…!!!

  • The girls has 'it.'

    Love Grace.

  • that red blazer looks great on her!

  • Cool photos!!

  • Her style is such a breath of fresh air. x

  • she looks so much like Rachel Bilson, amazing photos xo

  • I'm so sorry for taking so long with the link! My brain has been failing me lately! I got the link up! 🙂 Still love your blog!

    Love Grace.

  • really charming girl… lover her eyes, xx

  • I love this girl so much!



  • party people in the house!

  • ughhhh i adore her she is so friggen gorgeous!!!

  • oh and may i ask what kind of blog websit you use??!

  • Love the pictures!

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  • Oooh I love her, plus with such a name and being such an 'heiress'… <3

  • I love these photos !

  • Shes gorgeous


  • Nice pictures. You look awesome in all of them.

    B* a la Moda

  • so fun

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  • Her friend has my hat. Makes me happy cuz she's adorable. Both are…

  • shes hotttt!!

  • Hi Thanks for stopping by our blog! Love the new photos She is a beautiful girl and great style:)

  • great photos! i love her style too!


  • i love the blue dress