• can't wait to see your result which I can imagine is great!

  • I love the finger chain (thing)! I made a body chain too a while ago and I love it! It didn't turn out quite like any others, which is why I find it so appealing.

  • i love the 2nd picture!
    i love the way the chain is used!
    love annie, xx

  • I love the shorts and the little gold chains. J'adore!

  • Love the shorts and the ring/bracelet!

  • Great DIYS!

  • great diys! love those shorts!



  • love the last one so much!

  • Oh thanks! Haha, they're actually Edie Sedgwick's eyes. From a film called Ciao Manhattan. I don't really like the movie but she looks pretty, lol.

    These chains are great. That first one–I wonder if I could pull that off. 😀

  • lovvveee the shorts!!!

  • Yay for chains everywhere!

    Love Grace.

  • thank you, i like your photos too!

  • You did a great job. It turned out really well.

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    In Bordeaux City, a really beautiful town where we live 🙂
    Come on
    See ya 🙂 Xoxo

  • Hey there. I hope this finds you doing well. I also hope you've had a great weekend so far. Take care. Have a nice week. Cheers!

  • fantastic!

  • i LOVE it.

  • ahaaaah well it's stupendous !
    I'd never be capable of this xD

  • Can't wait to see the full results!

  • chains chains chains….a great detail to any ensemble

  • in love with those shorts..i would never think they were a diy..so cool amazing job

  • Anonymous

    Oh very nice- talent!

  • I really like those shorts! DIY?

  • Fantastic shorts.

  • yeah hand jewelery!

    so lovely


  • oh this is so cool, those shorts remind me of the alexander wang collection a year ago!
    your blog is amazing


  • So cool!!!


  • These are too cool! I love the first one on the hand! Simple but hot!

  • these peices are so gorgeous, i'm so inspired right now i want to go and attempt my own! even though i know i might fail miserably LOL