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Kendra Alexandra Fashion Blog Stolen Inspiration
Kendra Alexandra Fashion Blog Stolen Inspiration
The heat wave that we’ve been stuck in has taken a serious toll on my productiveness, not complaining, but it’s hard to get anything done when you just want to lye in the sun all day. The past week has come and gone in pretty much a blur and who can really believe that January is more than half way over? With that being said, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the night with pizza and Scandal with one of my favourite people, but first, a run through of the highs and lows of my week…

Kendra Alexandra Fashion Blog Stolen Inspiration
  • My friends and I went to Leap this pretty much trampoline filled warehouse and it’s probably the funniest thing ever to do but also feels like you’ve run a marathon afterwards.
  • This is cheating and it’s from the week before but I hadn’t written one for last week sooo anyway, meeting new people. My new friend Hanna contacted me as she was traveling around NZ from Finland; we met for coffee and went shopping. It’s refreshing to get a new perspective on the world in general, and to hear all about her traveling. Just proves that friends are everywhere 🙂
  • Having people to share the most hungover days/to buy me food.
  • Maddie’s 21st last night because she looked like a babe and it was a great night.
  • Netflix, duh.
  • Random people knowing about my blog. It’s kind of weird to say and I don’t know how to word it to not sound full of myself but when you’re writing a blog it’s really easy to forget that other people actually read it, so sometimes it’s just a cool to know that I’m not alone here.
  • Adventuring with Jenna at the beach (photo above). After having a drink in town and some food we took a trip out there to waste some time just to catch a pretty amazing sunset.
  • All the fruit from home I just brought back with me.

  • Knowing things are about to change completely but it’s just easier to ignore it than to deal with it.
  • As much as you can will a person to be a certain way, people never change.
  • My phone plan running out in 5 seconds…ugh…
  • Someone acknowledging that something was actually significant but only years after it happened. 

Kendra Alexandra Fashion Blog Stolen Inspiration

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