2015 Highs & Lows

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2015 Highs & Lows | Miu Miu Sunglasses, Michael Hill Jewellery Necklaces, New York with Impulse, Sydney with Converse | NZ Fashion Blogger2015 Highs & Lows | Miu Miu Sunglasses, Michael Hill Jewellery Necklaces, New York with Impulse, Sydney with Converse | NZ Fashion Blogger
I feel like my year has never really ended until I reflect on all the things that have happened, usually by reading my highs and lows posts. So much happened that I had forgotten about that now I just don’t know how 2016 could possibly top 2015 – I’m going to try though! There is a lot of change going on around me right now and it’s equally unnerving but also motivating to know that nothing ever stays the same and now is as good as time as ever to do, be and say exactly what you want. It’s late and this is probably just turning into a ramble so I’m going to bed. In the meantime, here’s the highs and lows of the year for your entertainment (probably minus a lot of things I’ve long forgotten about)…

  • You guys… saa cheesy but it’s true.
  • I’ll never let anyone forget it so I’m sure you already know that going to New York with Impulse Fragrance topped my year. The amazing team, incredible opportunities and the city in general made it an experience I’ll never forget and will be eternally grateful for.
  • Travelling with the Converse team to Sydney for the media day was a major highlight. In such a short amount of time I got to experience amazing (super bloody comfy) shoes, incredible food and be surrounded by generally creative and inspiring people. Also, I brought Mum along for a mother/daughter shopping bonding weekend which was long overdue.
  • Finishing my Communication degree, moving to Auckland and landing a job at Glasson’s Head Office. I haven’t really mentioned it much because it happened all within a 2 week period but that’s basically how my July went and where I’ve been since. It’s been awesome to work with such an amazing team. Also, big ups to Dad that helped me on the never ending flat hunt.
  • At the start of the year I made a pact that if I was still in NZ, I had to at least enjoy what it had to offer – that started with a trip to Catlin’s with my friends to see the famous waterfalls. Next, Mum and I set off to see “blue pools” near Makarora which was actually stunning and well worth the journey. My adventuring kind of ended there but I’m super keen to start it up again.
  • Michael Hill International’s jewellery (pictured above) because it’s simple elegance allows you to wear them all year around. I was talking to a girl at work about this today and we decided the best jewellery pieces are always the ones you never take off, kind of like your own personal signature.
  • My new-ish Nutribullet – seriously the best kitchen appliance I’ve ever owner. After coming back from Sydney I’ve wanted to recreate the Acai Bowl (pictured above) and the Nutribullet is the easiest tool I’ve found for doing it #fitspo. It also creams spinach in smoothies instead of making those weird chunks, hallelujah.
  • Generally, meeting new people and visiting new places (as well as the old and old, ha). I’ve discovered it’s actually when I’m most comfortable.. doing the same thing for too long makes me antsy.
  • I’m going to feel guilty if I forget anything important so just pretend if you’re my friend and I’ve forgotten something that it goes here… I’m writing this waay too late at night, okay?
  • So many migraines this year after not having them since I was little.
  • That anxious feeling, as my friend likes to say “your 20’s are when you want everything but don’t know how to get it” … yup pretty much.
  • Missing out on stuff at home.
  • Vertigo and I don’t know whyyyy.
  • EDIT: had to add this one in because it’s really starting to annoy me. I didn’t get to go overseas because of my job, I had to take time off work to go and I went because of my blog. I don’t know where people got that idea from. The end.
ps. if you’ve missed any of these experiences, I’ve written about them in all my H/L posts and you can find them here

2015 Highs & Lows | Miu Miu Sunglasses, Michael Hill Jewellery Necklaces, New York with Impulse, Sydney with Converse | NZ Fashion Blogger

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