5 Products I Use For A Golden Glow

If I was to pick one make up look for the rest of my life it would be a golden glow. Think Victoria’s Secrets models, lying by the beach in Australia soaking in some rays.

It’s the look I always gravitate towards when I have an event to go to, or just to go out with friends. You can wear it au-natural with a nude lip, or make a statement with a red lip. Such an easy one to recreate, here are the top 5 products I use to achieve this golden glowing skin look.

Golden Glowy Skin Make Up | Stoleninspiration.com | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

5 Products To Achieve A Golden Glow

1. Bobbi Brown Extra – Bare Glow

This is a holy grail product! I love prepping my skin with this before I apply make up because it leaves a beautiful (and natural) glow. It’s the perfect product to start with to achieve glowy skin.

2. Bobbi Brown Highlighter – Moon Glow

I’ve spoken about this before on my blog back at Christmas time and I have been obsessed with this ever since. It works particularly well when you prep the skin with Bare Glow since it gives the highlighter something to stick too. Not for the faint hearted but absolutely perfect for gold highlight lovers!

3. M.A.C. Cosmetics – Amber Lights

This hands down is my go-to eyeshadow and it looks amazing if you have blue or green eyes. It’s an orange/yellow toned golden shade which you can build up depending on what you like. I’ll often wear this during the day and add a little brown smudged into my lashes to go out in the evening.

4. Lorac Pro Palette 

I can’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned this on my blog before (um, what!?) but this is my most used palette. I honestly take this everywhere with me and it never fails to do an amazing job. Such pigmented shades – you really don’t need much at all and it’s worth the investment. The gold shade in this is stunning and it pops mixed with Amber Lights. Also the Lt. Bronze is great for the inner corner or as a subtle all over golden wash.

If you had money to buy one thing only, get this – I recommend this to everyone!

5. Eco Tan – Face Water

Now if you’re struggling with pale winter skin AKA me right now, this is for you. I’ve looked everywhere for a face tanner (because I’m lazy and can’t blend for sh*t) and I finally found one that doesn’t turn your eyebrows orange – lol. I apply a small amount of this at night and it adds a subtle but beautiful tan to your face. Such a great little number to have in your bathroom for those lack lustre days.

Golden Glowy Skin Make Up | Stoleninspiration.com | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Thanks to the lovely Caitlin for photos & make up!


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