5 Spring Trends To Try In 2020

Want to know the top 5 Spring trends of 2020? Here’s my pick of the bunch & the most Instagram worthy outfits right now…

5 Spring Fashion Trends 2020

Back at it again with a Spring Trends 2020 post. Since my most recent trends post was such a hit and we’re now well into spring I thought it would be a great time to help you refresh your wardrobe. It’s a strange time for fashion the way that fashion weeks have been cancelled. There really doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to what’s become popular either. I guess in a way we’re all able to get up to the date on fashion straight from Instagram. So here’s a compilation of my personal favourite trans-seasonal trends floating around the internet.

Unitard Playsuit

Fashion Trend Unitard 2020

Not a trend for the faint-hearted but unitard’s are popping up on Instagram feeds everywhere and for a good reason. Think as comfy as joggers and a sweatshirt but flattering on the body. While these aren’t necessarily the most practical, they do come in handy when layering underneath an oversized blazer – pair it with chunky boots and it’s a full fashion look in under 30 seconds.

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Chain Jewellery

Fashion Trend Chain Jewellery 2020

The chain jewellery trend gets recycled every season and it’s always one I go back to. There’s no piece more timeless than a pair of chain earrings, necklace or bracelet and they can all be layered with almost any outfit making it the best trend to invest in. I’ve been wearing the gold earrings and chain bracelet I got from Au-Rate every day lately, but I’m now on the hunt for something super chunky to wear with my more minimal outfits throughout summer.

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Dad Sandals

Dad Strap Sandals SS 2020 Fashion Trends

Last spring brought us the beautifully ugly dad sandals from Chanel, and now heaps of brands have jumped on to the bandwagon created versions of their own. I just got a pair from Alias Mae (you can shop these below) and they’ve already become a staple I wear every other day. To the supermarket, to work, you name it – I’ve taken them there. I think every Spring calls for an easy slide and those have the bonus of velcro straps for minimal fuss. As you can tell I’m a big fan.

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Zip Fleece Jumpers

Zip Fleece Jumper _ SS 2020 Fashion Trends

This trend can really be embraced in both spring or autumn depending on what side of the hemisphere you’re from. I couldn’t think of anything comfier to chuck on as the evening’s dip in temperature. This trend reminds me so much of something my Dad would wear back in the day and I’m here for it. When I think about it all my favourite trends are on par with Dad’s style – oversized blazers, Teva looking sandals and now zip fleeces. So good. My favourite is the Jacquemus double layer zip jumper (obviously) but there are a heap of affordable options that are similar below.

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Cropped Arm Warmer Jumpers

Arm Warmer Jumper _ SS 2020 Fashion Trends

I have to admit I have no idea what you’d call this look, a cropped arm warmer sweater bolero? Who knows, but I like it. I bought one of these a while back but ended up returning it from ASOS because it was too chunky, so here the key is to find one thin enough to layer over your singlets or a cool corset top. I love the classic Zara one, but there are heaps of variations depending on what you’ve got to style underneath.

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  1. Wow I love the jewelry you shared! thanks for the inspo! I am always looking for ways to spice up my wardrobe.

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