9 Affordable Fashion Trends of 2019

With a new year brings new fashion trends and this year has some of my favourite yet.

With a new year brings new fashion trends and 2019 has some of my favourite yet. So much of the 90’s is back and as a 90’s child, I’m a big fan. Think Sex in the City vibes. I also love how these are all pretty timeless so you don’t have to worry about them going out of fashion anytime soon.

I’ve gone ahead and chosen my favourite fashion trends that you can try if you’re on a budget. While I love the idea of dropping $2000 on a pair of Balenciaga sneakers, it’s just not that practical.  Rest assured, most of these you can shop for under $100. I’ve even left my favourite dupes below each trend for you to shop. So easy!

1. Cowboy Boots


Love it or hate it, cowboy boots are back. You can pair these babies with anything from an oversized hoodie to a floral dress. You can easily find these in your local thrift stores so if you’re looking for an affordable pair go check them out.

2. Saddle / Baguette Shoulder Bags


Saddle Shoulder Bag 9 Fashion Trends 2019 | Stoleninspiration.com | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Probably one of my favourite 90’s/2000’s trends to come back in fashion. Picture Paris Hilton with her little clutch under the arm circa The Sweet Life. They’ve come a long way though and there are heaps of affordable bags around – no need to drop a couple of thousand on Louis Vuitton.

3. 90’s Tea Dresses


90's Tea Dress 9 Fashion Trends 2019 | Stoleninspiration.com | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

The trend to try this season, printed 90’s silhouette tea dresses are everywhere thanks to the likes of Realisation Par.  I love a good floral print dress and paired with a chunky sneaker it’s probably the easiest and least offensive trend to try this year.


4. 90’s Strappy Sandals


90s Sandals 9 Fashion Trends 2019 | Stoleninspiration.com | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Another one of my favourite trends from the 90’s and they just look so good with vintage denim jeans. There are a heap of brands doing their own version of these at the moment too so you can get them super cheap. I particularly like the ones with the chopped heel as seen above – so very cool.

5. Knee High Boots


Knee High Boots 9 Fashion Trends 2019 | Stoleninspiration.com | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Last month I was so obsessed with the Mango snake effect knee-high boots that I think I drove everyone around me crazy talking about them. I honestly couldn’t decide if I’d wear them or not so I never took the plunge and now I’m having major regrets. It’s the one trend on here that I think will take you from summer to winter dressing with ease so totally worth the investment.

6. Chunky Sneakers


This one came in hot thanks to the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers I mentioned earlier. While this trend has been around a while, this year brings with it a lot more colour. Not limited to white or black anymore, brands like Nike have brought out a heap of pastel and gold sneakers so you can get a little more creative with your basic outfits.


7. Layered Vintage Gold Necklaces


There’s nothing particularly new about this trend, except vintage is in. Unusually large pendants, big letters and chunky chains is where it’s at. I have always loved chunky jewellery because it can make even a simple white tee look fancy.

8. Hair Clips


I actually just bought some of these for myself last week. I love this new hair trend – especially with short hair (which I now have, yay). There’s nothing like a little sparkle clip to go with tousled ‘just left the beach’ hair.

9. Printed Bike Shorts


Bike Shorts 9 Fashion Trends 2019 | Stoleninspiration.com | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

As a carry on from last year, the bike shorts are back for another round. I think this year it’s more about the printed pairs with a casual hoodie and sneakers. I’m such a fan of the bike short because let’s be honest, they’re comfy AF. Here are some of my favourite printed pairs – I especially love the Fendi-esk pair from Urban Outfitters.

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