• They look great!

  • They are pretty cool. I wouldn't mind owning a pair

  • oooo i did a post on them HERE

    was going crazy over them and ended up finding out they are actually a photoshop job. pretty amazing ay, if only they existed in real life!

    here is the link to the source.



    x Your Only Blackswan

  • just love your blog! The inspiration/fashion pictures are always completely AMAZING! I think now, that you need to add a mixture, of all those gorgeous inspirational photos, plus personal ones, of you and friends previously seen. This wasy, all your readers will be kept happy and there will be something that everybody loves on your blog!

  • FAN.

  • These are the coolest Doc. Martens I've ever seen. ♥-Axelle

  • Hihi, so cool!

  • aarg these are sick!

  • sweet mother of pearl. so cool.


  • well, I am not a fan, but I totally missed your posts 🙂

  • omygosh i would buy these in a heartbeat… love the intense colors!

    <33 [v] hobovogue