• it's getting colder, so we can layyyyer more!!! loving the contrast of the tough leather and studs against the ocean. ♥

  • the first and last photos are amazing
    the styling is pretty much perfect
    and agree with Mez, on with the layers!
    though summer all year round would be the best…

    oh and really loving ypur blog!
    following and linked you babe 🙂

  • I totally agree with this!
    you cant put an old head on young shoulders,
    or is it.. you cant put a young head on old shoulders?
    hmmm maybe its that one haha

    anyway, be young while your young because there will be plenty of time for being old!

  • I also love autumn! it's my fave season 🙂
    these pics are gorgeee.


  • ohh that vest! It's a dream. I love autumn too, go the southern hemisphere 😀

  • love this song, it's my profile song!
    great post xxx

  • I love that first picture, because it's so true. I am too old to believe that I know everything 🙂


  • thanks for the comment =)
    sure, let me know when you wanna swap!


  • I ADORE those amazing photos.

  • Imma bout to straight up steal some inspiration from you. Consider your link swapped – love this blog

    MM x

  • GODDDD I love these !!!!
    I need these Iron Maiden panties !

  • love the photos 🙂

  • You post the prettiest pictures =)



  • agreeee. Cherish every moment of your youth.


  • Woow,so cool pics!
    I love your selection.
    Thnx fot sharing.

  • rght he studded vest and studded headband is super amazing <3