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Birthday WeekI was meant to post this kind of re-cap last week, so now it’s the best and worst of the past two weeks. I also promised Elliot and John that I would post a photo of them after several dozen photos were taken and I’m not one to break promises. So far September has been busier than anticipated and I’ve found myself savouring the moments I have alone to just blob out and have nothing on my mind. Seriously though, I pulled down all the months of the year we’ve passed yesterday and it’s kind of freaking me out that there are only 3 and a bit left. Today’s going to be spent mulling over the rest of my uni work before I finish next month and working through a whole lot of emails that I have yet to reply to. Highs and lows after the jump..
  • Birthday celebrations with some great friends, great food and better drinks. I think it’s moments like these when you kind of realise the people you want to surround yourself with and those that it wouldn’t matter if they were. A bit bleak I know.
  • OMG the food lately.
  • Winning free stuff. I have won a lot of free stuff in the past week: tickets, drinks, a scarf. 
  • Random moments that outshine anything planned. I’m not one to plan things, usually because it ends in disappointment so on my actual birthday I spent it with Kelsey and Fran. I have to say, the unplanned stalking incident which ended in free stuff was a highlight. 
  • Reading some really great books. Granted, reading has also become a form of procrastination but there are worst things I could be doing right? 
  • Just Kelsey in general.

  • Not really having much in common with your friends. I don’t know why this week but it’s become more apparent. Not that it really means anything but yeah, I don’t know.
  • Becoming an adult in ways that I’d just rather not. Money, conflict and secrets are things I’d rather not deal with right now.
  • Not knowing where you stand with people.
  • My indecision is stopping me from making any summer plans.. ugh.

Birthday Week
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