ASOS July Hotlist

You could say I’m a little weather confused. While I’m here in Korea in 30 degree weather, I find myself on ASOS wondering – “Do I shop for New Zealand Winter or Korean Summer?” I’m planning on returning home in around October, at which time it should just be starting to warm up again. The thing is though, NZ has the most unpredictable weather ever and there’s really no way of winning when you’re online shopping for two different seasons.

“ASOS, you’re killing it!”

Anyway, I’ve gone ahead and put together my curated list of pieces from ASOS for July (see June’s here). These have made it into my (never-ending) goldmine saved list, which by the way is super dangerous to my wallet. Who would have thought 60 days would actually mean debating whether to buy someone over 60 times before it disappears from the list. Yes, I have a shopping addiction. Doesn’t everyone? Haha.

ASOS has been killing it lately with their affordable trend pieces. I desperately have wanted a Baker Boy Hat but it’s one of those things where I know it’s only going to be worn during winter. At only $30 that fact doesn’t really bother me as much.

Baker Boy Hat                                     White Cropped Top
ASOS JULY TREND WISHLIST | | NZ Fashion & Travel Blog

Corset Top                                     Brown Sunglasses

ASOS JULY TREND WISHLIST | | NZ Fashion & Travel Blog

One Shoulder Singlet                                WEEKDAY CROPPED Hoodie

ASOS JULY TREND WISHLIST | | NZ Fashion & Travel Blog

Weekday Mid Hoops                                     Pink Puffer Jacket

ASOS JULY TREND WISHLIST | | NZ Fashion & Travel Blog

By the way, while I was writing this the yellow dress (that I LOVE at the top) had just sold out then came back in stock.

Incase it comes back in stock you can find The Bershka lattice dress here