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Some pretty photos I found that have been sitting on my desktop for some time now. 
I really don’t know how people have blank desktops, every time I try empty mine it soon gets filled with dozens of photos.
The second last photo is of my latest two additions to my stash of jewelry. 
I love my black bracelet that I have thanks to the lovely Betina at Tokyo Jane.
Unfortunately I can’t show you the other bracelet I have because 
one of my friends has been wearing it since the day I got it! 
There is heaps of other awesome pieces in the collection and you can buy them all online here.

and does anyone else have an obsession with cut out shoulders at the moment?

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  • i really love the first image, hanne gaby is one of my favorite models!

  • ella hahaah i have to write the same, i love gaby!

  • i must have the vest in the first photo!

  • absolutely awesome inspirations!

  • inspiring-inspiring-inspiring!

  • love love love and yessss, i have a couple of basic cut out shoulder tees but really want a denim something. thinking denim short + scissors DIY coming on….

  • great images <3


  • Gorgeous inspiration.

  • gorgeous photos. looove the last one xx

  • inspired !

  • Wow! Your blog is just as inspirational if not more! Love it. I am going to start following you <3


  • Answer: Oh thank you Kendra! And right back at ya 😉 like your blog too, inspirational! I hope you will follow my blog. But just one question, how did you found my blog? I mean, you´re from New zeeland and I´m from Sweden… /Matilda

  • hey, thank you so much for your comment, i really appriciate it

    i love your blog too, definitely have just become a new follower on bloglovin'

    haha i guess the reason why i delete old posts all the time is because, in the past i felt like i was trying to hard. Blogging is starting to become more natural to me now so surely that would equate to more posts aha. Still now i get that itching temptation to delete yucky posts, i feel like ive changed a lot, i mean that white shirt post, what was i thinking??

    (sorry for the essay)

  • ans. Ah yeah the traditional way, I have found many amazing blogs when I just have been clicking around, reading comments and stuff. And I guess I will comment your blog more… so I´m sorry for my english who can struggle sometimes…

  • thanks so much for your comment! so zweeet.
    your blog is amazing too, you have such great inspo.
    great pics x

  • I love this too, i had to go back soooo many pages and saved so many of your images to my desktop as inspiration.

    ps.thanks you for the sweet comment

  • love the photos…definitely inspirational!!!

  • thankyou so much for the beautiful comment on my post, you dont know how much it meant to hear someone say that! & i have to say dang girl, your blog is more than fantastic! im flicking through posts as we speak & they're all fabulous.
    particularly love the vest in that first pic, i can only imagine how lovely & shimmery it would be with some movement in it.x
    ill be back soon 🙂

  • Thanks for your sweet comment <3
    I love your blog too, it's very inspirational =)

  • Thank you for such a lovely comment. Love the Jeffrey Campbell boots. Great post.

    The Heartbreak

  • wow! i love tenth pic!
    it's amazing! haha
    like your blog too!
    hope you still watching it!

  • Kendra,

    You, my dear, have inspirational photos! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog 🙂 I definitely have enjoyed my short, but well worth it, visit at your blog! Consider me your newest follower 🙂

    I'm looking forward to reading more

  • cut out shoulders = love. great trend.

    i love the rest of your pics too!

  • Amazing as per usual.
    ♥ Sheray.

  • I'm allready a follower from your blog. I love it so much, I get so much inspiration of your pictures. So thank you so much for the compliment. ♥-Axelle

  • I love these shots, especially the fourth one, since I'm a sucker for a couple picture that isn't mushy. I love your blog dear, I've been following it forever! Thank you so much for your confidence boosting comment!

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! It means so much when others tell me how much they've enjoyed my blog. These photos are just fullll of inspiration! I am definitely yearning to try the DIY cut-out shoulders. I need to find an old shirt and give it a go!

    Stop by again soon!

  • The open sleeves are so cool on that pink blouse!

  • Hanne-G fucking rocks!! I've seen her in Paris and she's even more impressive in real life… with the weird Rick Owens hairdo as well, mental!