Bali Body | Is It Worth The Hype?

Bali Body – it’s the brand that’s taking Instagram by storm. But, is it really worth the hype? I’ve gotten my hands on some products to see how they really compare…

Bali Body BB Cream, Bronzing Lotion and Tanning Body Oil | | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Bali Body is one of those tanning brands you’ll definitely know from Instagram. With the pretty bottles, the hot models repping it like no other and the complete offering of products – it’s no wonder this brand is huge. Plus, who doesn’t want to look like they just came back from Bali? No one, that’s who. I remember one of my friends talking me into trying the BB Cream. I never did get around to actually trying the products though, until now. So here it is brought to you from my living room couch – Is Bali Body really worth the price?

What I find really cool to start is that Bali Body is completely made in Australia, packed full of natural ingredients and is proudly vegan friendly AKA doesn’t test on animals. I think it’s great being able to have to option to go for a more sustainable product in 2018 and Bali Body definitely has this covered for all your tanning needs.

So let me start this review off by saying that ended up going for one of the bundles which include three products. I got ‘The Complete Glow’ kit that includes the Bronzing Lotion, the Tanning/Body Oil and the BB Cream with SPF. They come in a nice gift box so I think it would be a great present to give someone. The products come in the typical packaging and I think this bundle would be a great intro to their products if you hadn’t tried them before (like I hadn’t). Pretty self-explanatory, so I’m just going to jump into what I thought of the products.


Bali Body BB Cream, Bronzing Lotion and Tanning Body Oil | | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger 1



Bali Body Bronzing Lotion

This product is meant to be a moisture intense bronzing lotion – packed with antioxidants and Vitamin E. I believe this is for those times when you want an instant glow.

This comes out of the bottle pretty dark, but you rub it into your skin and it blends really seamlessly. It smells kind of like a subtle cocoa / coconut mix and is completely non-offensive. It kind of reminds me of a coconut rough bar just to put it out there.

I’ll be the first to say that trying this when I’m the palest I’ve been in the past three years (and experiencing the first winter in that time) probably wasn’t the best idea. It’s super subtle and even over my pale skin it didn’t do much. I do find it really moisturising though and I think it would be a great product to enhance a tan during summer.

My verdict is: keep this one for summer and slap it on after a day in the sun for a nice added glow. Also, it smells pretty good.



Bali Body BB Cream, Bronzing Lotion and Tanning Body Oil | | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Bali Body Tanning/Body Oil

This was the product I was the most excited to try. This product doesn’t offer any SPF but is a tanning and body oil to help you achieve a deep glow while hydrating your skin. What I really enjoy about this and the other products I tried (spoiler) is that they apply so nicely to the skin – they’re not greasy at all and smell delicious.

I wish I could have tried this during summer for this review because Auckland really doesn’t offer much sun right now so I can’t tell you how well it would help me tan. However, I enjoy this so much more on my skin than I do the Le Tan tanning oil and I do think this will work a treat come summer. I reckon that this would pair perfectly with the Bronzing Lotion for achieving that really glowing, bronzed skin that you’d love on a night out.

It’s not a tanning product which I think people would get confused about – it’s simply a product to help you get a better tan when you’re already in the sun. I feel like this would be awesome to take away on holiday because it’s a compact container and it definitely wouldn’t leak through your bag. My verdict is: take this one on holiday with you so you come back with your best tan possible.

 Bali Body BB Cream, Bronzing Lotion and Tanning Body Oil | | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger


Bali Body BB Cream

This product was one I’d heard the most about because one of my best friends swears by it. The Bali Body BB Cream is your typical BB cream that’s lightweight. It’s buildable and is meant to be applied with your figures for a no-fuss application.

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I’ve never been a huge fan of BB Creams. Firstly, my skin is usually pretty dry and I find that the pigment often sticks to my dry patches – yuck. Secondly, I feel like they never offer me enough coverage. So believe me, when this arrived in the mail I was expecting to hate it. I thought I’d be posting it straight to my aforementioned friend in the mail.

Luckily for me though – I love this! I’ve applied it both with my hands and with a brush and I think it’s a great natural BB Cream. It’s super moisturising and offers sheer coverage that’s just enough when paired with a concealer for me. I love the dewy finish. It doesn’t move on my skin during the day which can be a big problem now living in Auckland. I also love that it has a bit of SPF so that you can quickly run out the door. Always wear sunscreen guys!

Here’s my verdict. If you’re looking to try a BB Cream but aren’t too sure where to start, try this one first. It’s by far the best one I’ve ever tried (that is still natural) and it’s great for chapped winter skin.

So after trying these three products I have to let you know how much I actually love this line. I do think it’s for people who are into the more natural look. There’s  no way to go overboard with these and I do absolutely love the formula of the products. The big win for me here is that they don’t leave you with that awful sticky residue or intense smell like many tanning products do. These would be awesome additions to any bathroom come summer time.


Is Bali Body Worth The Hype? YES! 


Bali Body BB Cream, Bronzing Lotion and Tanning Body Oil | | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger 1


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