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Fashion Blogger | Kendra Alexandra | ASOS Sweater, Glassons Shirt, Topshop TrousersI’m currently tucked up in bed watching House of Cards and enjoying the last moments of my extended holiday before I have to actually start studying again tomorrow. My extended holiday actually just means procrastination. Being so close to the end of University yet so far away has really being playing on my mind lately and I honestly can’t wait to finish. I guess the fact that my Mum graduated this week and before me doesn’t help. I bet in 6 months time I’ll read this back and regret wishing the time away because I already know I’ll have no idea what to do. This week has kind of really changed things for me and so *cue segue* here’s my weeks highs and lows..

  • Watching Mum graduate was pretty cool, kind of feel like a proud parent really since she got a degree and survived her midlife crisis haha..
  • Actually this week has been packed with activities despite not really achieving anything at the same time. I honestly just love traveling around and exploring, even if it’s only just around different parts of this city.
  • So close to finishing uni and just realising I can do anything I want and so I fully intend on doing just that so I think I’ll be booking one way tickets out of here soooon because this place is making me claustrophobic 
  • Went to a friends red card last night which is a flat drinking activity for all of you not familiar. Anyway, they had this huge 5L bottle of red wine to finish and I still can’t get over that they even make the bottles that big.
  • Sort of sad but I love going home because we have Sky. I’m really addicted to the Crime channel which I have no idea what that says about me as a person, and also Catfish. Both so great.
  • Topshop is now in NZ – yay! You’d think people never realised you can actually buy it online by the amount of hype. Now Zara needs to follow suit..
  • This jacket for Winter

  • I’m quite sick AGAIN and I’ve come to the conclusion that my immune system doesn’t exist. I also need to stop googling symptoms because I just think I’m dying every time. 
  • Being a counsellor to others because I swear I’m telling them all the wrong things and this is happened several times this week.
  • The truth you know but never like to hear.
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