Bondi Sands | Is It Worth The Hype?

Back at it again with the *Bondi Sands (*white vans, lol). That meme will never get old – and neither will Bondi Sands. But is it worth the hype?…

Back at it again with the *Bondi Sands (*white vans, lol). That meme will never get old – and neither will Bondi Sands. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I mention them A LOT. Tanning is just one of those luxuries that can just make you feel so much better on a bad day. So, obviously I’m a fan. I’m going to spoil the review and state this right now: this is my favourite tanning brand. I’ve tried quiet a few in my time and it’s the one I always reach for. I’m lucky enough to be able to try a heap of their range so I thought I’d break it all down so you know exactly what you need in your bathroom. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

I should probably preface this by saying that when it comes to self tanning: I’m a rookie at best. Honestly, there’s no way I’m not either going to come out with some hideous feet lines, or super tanned patches on my body. So trust me when I say that I will only reach for products that are fail-safe. Nothing an exfoliating mitt and a good scrub can’t even out anyway.

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Bondi Sands One Day Tan – Shimmer, Glow and Matte

bondi sands glo gloss shimmer matte finishing glow

One of the newer releases from Bondi Sands that I’ve tried. These three are designed to give you an instant tan which you can wash off at the end of the night. So basically if you need to be tan ASAP these are for you. They are all designed to be used on your face and body which makes them super wearable. I’d even suggest mixing this into foundation if you’ve fake tanned your body and aren’t the right shade up top.

As titled, they each come with a different finish. I have to say that out of the three Matte is my favourite. It gives you a buildable tan and looks really natural compared to the others. I think the Shimmer and Glow shades would look really nice for a glam party on the legs or for an extra glow on your face.

Honestly, I feel like these instant tans are probably the some of the best on the market right now. Especially since they’re easy to blend when applying with a mitt. Just one of those handy tanning products to keep around, you know?

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam – Dark

bondi sands dark liquid foam

I’m just going to call it now and say that this is my all-time favourite fake tanner. This product comes out as a deep foam which I apply using my Bondi Sands mitt for the most glowy and natural looking tan. I find it’s best to apply in a circular motion to get the most even application and a little goes a long way. I usually only use about two pumps per leg straight on to the mitt, and go from there.

It looks kind of scary at first, but I’d definitely suggest going with the Dark shade even if you’re really pale. I am at the moment but it works really well despite the shade and I feel like it still looks really natural, plus it lasts longer. This is one that you’d ideally apply for 6+ hours before washing. So, I apply this before I go to bed and wash it off in the morning. Also if you make a mistake (like I usually do) I find that using your exfoliating mitt in the shower will fix the problem with ease.

On the scale of fake tans, this one doesn’t smell offensive. I would warn against wearing nice clothes after applying though as it does transfer. Sleep in old clothes guys!

What I love about the quality of this tan, which I’ve had trouble with in the past, is that it doesn’t separate. Sometimes if you’ve had foam fake tanners on your shelve too long it becomes a weird mix of liquid with foam on top, and ends up applying streaky. I’ve had this one for a really long time (probably years to be honest – is that gross?) and it still applies just as good as the day I got it.

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam – 1 Hour Express

This product was one I left at my parent’s house after my last move since I never found myself reaching for it. Probably the first and only product I didn’t love from Bondi Sands and I think it’s because it’s harder to apply. This develops really quickly so I feel like you really have to ace your application. It isn’t for the faint tanning hearted. It comes out really dark and as titled, develops in one hour. You really can apply this the day of an event, shower and run out the door. One of my friends actually tried this and loved it, so I guess it’s all personal preference. If you want to be REALLY tanned though this is great – the longer you leave it on, the darker you’ll go.

Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser

This is another one of my products that got left behind. The only reason that happened was because I honestly had no room in my luggage. It was the fake tan or the eraser, and the fake tan won. The Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser product really works though and would be super handy for someone who applied fake tan religiously. To avoid that awkward patchy stage, you know the one I’m talking about. I tend to only tan before special occasions so I haven’t felt the need to get it sent back up to me.


Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Foam

Another version of their coveted foam fake tan, the Bondi Sands Liquid Gold version is meant to be good to go from the moment it dries, no shower necessary. The colour is a deep shade of golden brown and I can imagine this looking amazing on darker skin tones. Unfortunately the problem with this product is I am super pale at the moment and any bad blending shows up like crazy. I’d recommend this product to people who know what they’re doing – which I clearly don’t. I’m hoping to though come summer time because this will be such a gem for creating that “I’ve actually been to Bora Bora, not in inside drinking wine all weekend” skin tone.

Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Foambondi sands liquid gold foam

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Mitt

Just, yes. I couldn’t fake tan without the Self Tanning Mitt. I’ve tried cheaper ones but this is a staple because A. it’s well made B. it’s silky and C. it does a damn good job at applying foam tan evenly. If you haven’t, do yourself a favour and get one.

So, is it worth the hype?

So there you have it, my round-up of Bondi Sands. I kind of like the idea of a Bondi tan since I no longer live near Bondi Beach (tear, tear). Who doesn’t want that Australian healthy tan? No one, that’s who. I just think that Bondi Sands is a fail-safe tanning brand. Their products are consistently easy to blend, they all smell similar (not overpowering) and they leave you with a really natural colour. No matter how dark you choose to go too.

So if I was going to pick my top three products for someone new to the brand: Self Tanning Foam – Dark, One Day Tan – Matte and the Self Tanning Mitt.


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