Lifestyle Highs And Lows Of The Week #85

What day is it again? I think we're all feeling the side effects of days merging in this lockdown. I feel like I'm on a strange prolonged holiday that still includes working full time from my office (the couch).

Lifestyle Highs And Lows Of The Week #84

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow so writing this is kind of painful. Sometimes weeks are harder than others and I'm predicting that the next won't be any better considering my current mood, coronavirus and the general panic in the air.

Lifestyle Highs And Lows Of The Week #80

Oh hey Sunday, you crept up on me this week. I have been working 24/7 but I managed to fit in a lot of extra activities AKA good food and friends...

Lifestyle Highs And Lows Of The Week #78

I understand now why everyone says January was a decade long - this week feels like 10. At the start of the week I had everyone staying at mine for Laneway, and now as I write this on Sunday they're all oceans away.

Lifestyle Highs And Lows Of The Week #77

The first highs and lows of 2020. We are back in action! I hadn't intended on having such a big break with posting as I have over summer but you know, sometimes you just need it.

Lifestyle 19 Things I Learnt In 2019

It's all too often that we make new years resolutions, follow them for five days and then forget they ever existed. Guilty as charged. This year though I thought it would be better to reflect on the year that's been and what I learnt - then write about it so I can't forget.
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Lifestyle Highs And Lows Of The Week #73

This weekend is Labour Weekend in New Zealand so I'm enjoying a long weekend at home. It's been so good to get a break from the grind in Auckland, which has felt me feeling pretty overwhelmed lately.