Travel The New York City Guide

No surprises here, New York remains to be my favourite city in the world. Here are all my tips, places and tricks for your visit to NYC.

Travel How To: Spend A Day In Sydney

Most of you will know this but just over a year ago I moved to Sydney. These are my insider tips I collected while I lived there...
View From Tokyo Tower Japan

Travel Tokyo Travel Diary 2017

Finally my Tokyo Travel Diary is here. Here's an entire post dedicated to all my must-see places to visit, to eat and to explore in Tokyo.

Travel Tokyo Travel Vlog

Back in September my brother and I visited Tokyo for a week to see as much as we could in a short amount of time.

video South Korea Travel Vlog

Finally it’s here, my first YouTube video! I’ve put together a recap of the past 3 months I’ve…
10 Things I Learn From Travelling | Europe | | NZ Travel Blog

Travel 10 Things I Learnt From Travelling

So, what 10 things did I learn from travelling? Well let me start by saying there are a lot of people that consider travel to be the defining point in your life. For me, well...

Travel 17 Questions for 2017

To celebrate the New Year, I thought I'd answer 17 questions for 2017. Thought it's about time you get to know me a little better and I finally get to share some more travel pictures with you...

Travel Photo Diary: Belgium

We ended up in Belgium after a frantic search for accommodation turned up short. Sam and I had…

Travel Budapest, Hungary

To be honest, Budapest was just a stop over for us before we moved on to sail around…