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Sundays are for three things only – sleep, friends and food. Today has been everything I needed after the crazy week I’ve had and came just in time. I’m looking forward to getting back into a normal routine and finally being able to share with you some things I’ve been working on for the last wee while. Also, if you haven’t already checked, I’ve re-vamped and added pieces to my blog shop.

I really enjoy having something to look back on and remember, whether it was a month, two months, or a year ago. It’s so refreshing to see how much you’ve grown, changed and adapted to new situations over time. It’s also nice to look back through the highs and lows, reflecting and appreciating them both. 
So, when I post on Sundays, I thought why not post a somewhat reflection; and maybe you can get to know me a little better. 

So, for the lows, it would definitely be the ridiculous workload I found myself wading through all day, everyday. This, combined with lack of sleep, also hit me a little too hard in the form of anxiety. I’ve never really experienced the feeling before in my life, but after finishing a book (as previously mentioned) it struck me hard and heavy. There are so many dreams I have for my future and I’ve learnt this week that comparing them to the success found already by people my age, makes life a little suffocating. There are always going to be people better off and worse off than you, it’s important to not get caught up in matters you can’t change – more specifically, your life in comparison to others.

As for the highs – it would be finally getting past this and realising you’re better off living in the present, enjoying the moment, because you honestly don’t know what’s going to come of it. Surrounding yourself with good company and great conversation is always a surefire way to make things seem a little more bearable too. Failing that, seasons of Gossip Girl and online shopping is always a good way to go!

Happy Sunday Lovers x
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