• So cool! Did you do that in photoshop?! I have NO earthly idea how to use photoshop… I'm such a loser.

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  • your post are always mesmerizing!!!!!

    love xxx

  • amazing, i love anything galactic! definitely following your blog (and linking). it's always inspirational.

  • i love you kendra. you are cool. you take cool photos. i miss you this weekend! 🙂

  • Thats cool man I love what you have done with your photos, intergalactic radness! What is that in the second photo…looks like a sea creature, its kinda beautiful! Colours in the second and third pics is sublime, love it, how do you do that shit!!
    Enjoy your weekend honey x

  • Nice photos, they look great!

  • wow, i love your blog!

  • Love these photos!
    By the way thanks for commenting on my blog (also- I was ALREADY following you!)

    Glad you found your way to mine!

  • Thanks for visiting my blog!!! I love your blog, the pictures are just divine!!!! Definitely following x

  • what an awesomely inspirational blog!
    your picture are 'out of this world' – gosh im lame…

    you have a new follower! keep up the good stuff


  • how did you managed all these cool pics and editing?love em, esp. pic no.2!

  • These images look so cool! loving it.

  • these pictures are amazing!

  • I totally agree! The galaxy rocks our socks lol

    xo miu


  • perfection! i really love the first and second picture!

    xx raez

  • Oh nice! I like the first one best 😀

  • cool pictures!
    thanks for your sweet comment!I´m happy you enjoy my blog!
    I follow you!
    x amber

  • Lovely post :)) I've been seeing the model from the 2nd image quite frequently, I hear she is a Swedish/French girl, I am still deciding whether I like her style or not :))

  • Whoops, meant that for the black&white post <3

  • Amaazing post as usual, very whimsical!

    -Shoeless Simone

  • love these images…..really need to go and get tshirt with these kinda of prints…
    thx 4 the lovely comment