• first place love that picture! and secondly no i don't have one but have been meaning to make one soon!!!

  • love this picture and the lip color



  • I'll definitely be checking your your tumblr (I like the url name!)

  • no tumblr for me but i would no doubt be checking yours all the time if i did!x


  • here's mine

  • lovely pic:)

  • hottt picture! x

  • Beautiful photo.
    I love tumblr: mylifeisafashionshow.tumblr.com
    I will follow you, hope you will do the same.

  • Don't have it any more but I'll googlereader your tumblr, it's amazing!!
    great pic btw!

  • yeeeeeessss i have two tumblrs

    main fashion tumblr: myfavoritecolourisshiny.tumblr.com

    my fashion design tumblr:

    p.s ilove your tumblr. totally following! xx

  • I don't. how does it work?