Exploring Wellington

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Thinking back on it all now, this week has been pretty busy. I was in Wellington visiting friends until Wednesday, then I made the trip home on Friday for the weekend. In between I managed to visit friends and family, organise work, shoot, explore and catch up on Pretty Little Liars (let’s be honest, University is my last priority). I have a feeling that this week isn’t going to be must quieter since I have a lot of other work to catch up on, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. So with that said, here’s my highs and lows of the week.


  • Traveling a lot – it always inspires me to get more work done when I get stuck in a rut (see last posts ramble).
  • Seeing friends I haven’t seen since leaving Wellington and having too much fun. 
  • Finally getting the chance and better weather to shoot some new photos. I feel like I have a million plans for my blog but there’s this domino effect when one thing doesn’t work and then I get behind on everything. Anyway, looking forward to sharing a lot more of my own work as Winter passes.
  • The OC – I went through a stage in first year of buying seasons and bingeing on them when my internet sucked and The OC was one of them. I kind of forgot how good it was until I realised Prime has a marathon of it on the weekends so that’s pretty much all I did today. 
  • Getting my new shoes back from Revolve. Long story short: I bought some heels on pre order, waited a lifetime for them to arrive, then when they arrived they were two different sized shoes (one US7 and one US10), then I had a struggle of organising for the postage to be covered so I could send them back and finally they’ve returned with the same size shoes HALLELUJAH! Just my luck.. but the Robyn Senso heels are worth it.  
  • Eating a ridiculous amount of good food. Wellington is the best for cafe food and variety, I definitely made the most of it. If you’re ever in town make sure you hit up Loretta, Duke Carvell’s, Prefab and Cafe L’affare – some of my favourites. 
  • Not even attempting my University work… 
  • Wanting to own this Country Road scarf but it’s $90 and I couldn’t justify it, so I just took a photo with it on instead (see first photo collage)
  • I have the biggest pile of washing I need to do since I just kind of put off doing it since I was going away, then I came back and couldn’t be bothered. Life story right there.
  • Not being at Splendour, ugh. 
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