Polyvore: KendraAlexandra

Besides the horrid weather we’ve had the last couple of days, we are advancing towards Summer and quickly. I can’t wait to wear an assortment of neutrals with delicate jewellery as accents. The perfect Summer outfits are always the ones that are easy; easy to wear, easy to style and easy on the eyes – carefree is key. As much as I want the months to pass by (which I’m pretty sure I mention constantly on here) there is so much left to organise before they do. It’s a nice thought but for right now that’s all I want it to be. I’ve also left you with the items and some cheaper alternatives to the pieces above, below. That white bucket bag is looking pretty good right now..

Also, I’m having a big clean out of my wardrobe because I never wear any of it so if you’re interested please check out 
my blog shop, I’ll continue to add more items over the next few weeks.