How I Got Glossier to New Zealand

Glossier is a hit beauty brand that you couldn’t miss. Unfortunately for us, they don’t yet ship to New Zealand. Lucky for you, I found away around this…

Glossier is a hit beauty brand that you couldn’t miss. Over the past couple of years it’s taken social media by storm. Who can resist? Packaging is a 10/10 and the products have some of the best make up artist reviews around. Created by Into The Gloss blogger Emily Weiss, all the products enhance your features in a natural way. If you’re into the ‘no make-up, make-up look’ this brand is for you!

I tried my friend’s Boy Brow from Glossier when she was back from America and I knew I had to own it – honestly the best one I’ve tried! After that I went on a mission to get my hands on Glossier no matter the cost. I ended up buying the Boy Brow brow gel in Blonde and their Generation G lipstick in Cake. Both products are already a staple in my everyday make up routine.

Despite it’s popularity Glossier does have one big problem – it doesn’t ship to New Zealand yet. For us kiwi’s (or anyone that’s not in the US and UK) it’s almost impossible to get your hands on. Unless you’re one of those people with friends in cooler places, of course. Luckily for you guys that want ‘boy brows’ too, I’ve found a hassle free way of getting it into the country.

Glossier New Zealand Generation G Lipstick Cake, Boy Brow Blonde | | NZ Beauty Blog 1

So, How Did I Get Glossier To New Zealand?

In collaboration with MyUS I tried out their forwarding service from USA to New Zealand. I have to say it’s one of the easiest and quickest I’ve tried so far.

Basically in order to get your Glossier order (or whatever you want) shipped to New Zealand you first create an account. Then, they’ll give you an address in America to send your package too. From there, they’ll let you know when it has arrived and offer you a range of shipping options to get your parcel home starting from $12. After that all you have to do is wait for the mail to arrive.

All together this parcel cost me just over $15 to get sent to New Zealand and arrived in less than two weeks, which isn’t bad considering some companies charge a minimum of $25 USD for shipping. If you are going to use this service I’d recommend it for smaller packages, especially if they don’t ship to NZ yet. It’s just a handy get-around for those times that you need to stock up on beauty products you got “that one time you were away on holiday”. Anyway, I hope you like this little tip and have fun shopping – I know I will be!

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