Highs And Lows Of The Week #76

Coming to you from Palmerston North – I’m down here visiting a friend for the weekend after a pretty stressful time at home…

Coming to you from Palmerston North – I’m down here visiting a friend for the weekend after a pretty stressful time at home. With the Christmas holidays right around the corner it feels like I’m running out of time too quickly and there’s so much left to do. I fly home next Saturday and won’t be back until the new year, so it’s all hands on deck trying to catch up on work before then. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to this week.


  • This post is coming to you from Palmerston North. I’m down here visiting an OG work wife before she gives birth next month and oh, how life has changed since we lived together. Anyway, it’s so nice to get out of Auckland for the weekend to visit one of my faves.
  • We went to see Last Christmas the movie yesterday. I really liked it because Amelia Clarke you know, and it wasn’t too cheesy. It did have a random twist though? Either way it was still worth a watch.
  • The Fat Farmer in Palmerston North is a great dinner spot if you’re in the area. Loved the cheese platter (obviously)!
  • Went for dinner with Lauren to Prego after a stressful day. I love going there for dinner and it didn’t disappoint.
  • Listened to Kaytranada’s new album BUBBA on the flight down here and I love it. I’m going to FOMO festival next year so I can’t wait to hear it live. Need It feat. Masego is my favourite.
  • The past few weeks have been hectic so it’s nice to finally get back into my regularly scheduled posting.
  • This episode of Girls Gotta Eat podcast featuring kiwi girl Amy Fraser from OKREAL. Such an interesting episode – kind of shows you never know what people really are like…
  • As always, my lashes from Envie Cosmetics in Ponsonby. Natalie always does such a great job. I recently got the brow lamination too which has been a total game changer. My full face of make up takes me 5 minutes now.


  • Hay fever is actually driving me crazy today.
  • That dance of not knowing whether someone’s into you or not. Do we ever get to an age of being straight up?
  • I’m in two minds about going home for the holidays, but I know in the end it will be the best thing I could do.
  1. Honestly the best thing I’ve done in 2019 is be straight up with a guy who I really liked but wasn’t sure if he liked me back. We are worth more than ambiguity and games x

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