Highs And Lows Of The Week #79

With Waitangi Day on Thursday giving us the day off, my week has felt all sorts of disjointed. This is what I got up to this week…

With Waitangi Day on Thursday giving us the day off, my week has felt all sorts of disjointed. In a way it doesn’t feel like I’ve had a properly routine since New Years. I’m actually looking forward to working a full work week again (shock, horror) so I can be a little bit more productive. While the weathers good on this Sunday I’m going to go enjoy it. Hope you all had a great week!


  • Last night Soph decided she wanted to go to Emo night at Ding Dong which has to be the most grunge place I’ve been to in Auckland. Very interesting, but my inner thirteen year old was frothing.
  • Frozen Perky Nana’s. YURM.
  • We went to Little Culprit for drink before the gig which is the coolest little spot, very boujee and the Negroni is a must try drink. It’s strong though, you’ve been warned.
  • Music: Still Don’t Know My Name – Labrinth, Pressure – SG Lewis, Remember – Emmanuel Franco, Circulation – Jonah Mutono
  • Soph and I went to see the premiere of Birds Of Prey on Monday. I haven’t gone to see a movie in a while but it’s one of my favourite things to do and Margot Robbie is an absolute gem. Would recommend!
  • I binged The Stranger on Netflix when I was hungover on Friday and it wasn’t too bad. If you’re in need of something new but not tacky to watch it could be worth a shot.
  • My new Tom Ford make up I’m beyond impressed with! I haven’t found new make up in a while but since I’ve started running out of my OGs I thought it was a good time to swap in some new bits. Like I said in this post, the lipgloss is great.


  • I have to sort so much shit out this week. Sometimes adulting is so damn expensive.
  • The to do list is ridiculously long and I just want to go on holiday already.
  • On that note, why does life have to get so complicated? There’s so many elements you have to try get right and the relationships on top? It’s fucking draining.
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