Highs And Lows Of The Week #80

Oh hey Sunday, you crept up on me this week. I have been working 24/7 but I managed to fit in a lot of extra activities AKA good food and friends…

Oh hey Sunday, you crept up on me. This week has been pretty bloody busy and as I write this on Sunday afternoon I’m about to run out the door to another dinner. Hope you’ve all had a great weekend, here’s my highs and lows of the week.


  • I spent a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner at Elmo’s with friends. The Hawaiian Pizza is a new favourite. It comes with jalapeños so it’s extra spicy – you’ve been warned.
  • On that note: my Valentine’s Day flowers from my best friend JJ. Such a lovely surprise for the eternally single gal.
  • The Garage Project sparkling red wine is key on a hot summer day. Soph and I spent her birthday drinking it on the deck in the sun. You can get it on tap too which makes it a cheap drink. Yum.
  • Dragon Girl by Nars is my new favourite lip pencil. It’s a pink/red shade that glides on easy and lasts the day. Big hit for me.
  • THE FUCKING BOOTS are everything.  Also, this shirt to match by Ellis and Friends.
  • Music: Letting People Go – Carnage, FWM – Parsa, The Zone – The Weekend
  • Tip Top Banoffe Pie Ice Cream is so damn good.
  • I went to watch Emma with Soph the other night at Silky Otter Cinemas which is the best boutique cinema. They serve Duck Island ice cream (ahh, YES). Emma was a great movie too, the cinematography was beautiful and the lead male is my favourite Johnny Flynn from Lovesick on Netflix.


  • Friends that you just don’t gel with anymore. It’s life, sometimes you grow apart.
  • It’s getting colder. Cuffing season?




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