Highs And Lows Of The Week #83


I have to admit that this week flew by for me, so fast I can’t even remember what I have done. It hasn’t escaped me that it’s already well into March and I still feel like I haven’t had a moment to breathe. If you’d hadn’t guessed this by now, I usually function better at a fast pace. Too much time to myself does me no favours. Desipte this, with things about to change in a big way I am actually kind of excited to have more time to myself in the wind down to winter. Is this settling down? Who knows, but I’m going to try enjoy it.


  • I styled two different shoots with Sophie this week which were great. I can’t wait to share the photos on here, but for now you check see what I’ve been up to on my Instagram highlights.
  • I believe that if you make room for good things to come into your life instead of saying yes to every average opportunity, they will. This happened this week almost instantaneously.
  • Proper Chips sent me the most epic food pack on Friday which I got stuck into as soon as I got home. They sent me the entire range of new Tortilla Chips as well as ingredients to make bean dip and guac. They’re not overloaded with flavouring like Doritos so it tastes much healthier.
  • Music: Back Of A Cap – King Princess, Let Me – Harry Hudson, How Did We Get Here – Offrami, Hey! I Don’t Want That Anyway – AKA Lui
  • I picked up heaps of the new P.E. Nation x H&M collaboration this week which was a steal. Even though the range was rinsed with the hype, I still managed to get 3 sports bras, a tee and leggings for under $150. Definitely worth checking out!
  • Blacklist on Netflix is still a go-to when I have nothing to watch. Finally had time to catch up on new episodes this week.
  • The amount of people that are ready and willing to find me a car is a bit crazy but very cool.
  • I went to Muriwai Beach in Auckland for the first time and I LOVE it. This is the reason I need to car. So rugged and beautiful. Now I need to learn to surf properly…



  • It’s bittersweet because Sophie got her visa finally (YAY!!) but also now she’s leaving me very soon.
  • Car hunting is like a full time job.



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