Highs And Lows Of The Week #86

It’s raining outside, the perfect Easter Sunday situation. I’ve made hot crossed buns for breakfast, chocolate eggs for lunch and I’ve spent the day…

Highs & Lows | Stoleninspiration.com | NZ Fashion5It’s raining outside, the perfect Easter Sunday situation. I’ve made hot crossed buns for breakfast, chocolate eggs for lunch and I’ve spent most of the day watching Netflix from the couch. There’s nothing better than a day of bad weather to truly relax into a long weekend. Also, the bonus of this situation is when I got my Jetstar notification about my flight leaving tomorrow I didn’t get the Sunday Scaries – I’m not going anywhere. Happy Easter everyone, I hope you’re all staying safe and happy!


  • I’ve been baking like crazy. I made Chelsea Winter’s Hot Cross Buns this morning for breakfast and they turned out so good. They take a little longer than the normal but I definitely worth the time. Yum!
  • Buzz Bar Marshmallow Easter Eggs. The trick is to put them in the freezer for a couple of hours first – the caramel melts nicely in your mouth. Trust me, I’m already one bag down…
  • I’ve been watching ToyBoy on Netflix all afternoon. It’s a Spanish drama about a stripper that’s framed for a murder. It’s actually not too bad even if you can deal with it being dubbed. Plus, the main guy is HOT. You’re welcome.
  • I also watched Love Wedding Repeat this morning which is an easy rom-com for something light-hearted. Also, The Invisible Man which if you’re into thrillers you should check out, while it’s slow to start it keeps you on your toes on it gets going.
  • Masterclass has a buy one get one free pass at the moment!
  • We walked around Lake Wanaka yesterday and made the most of the warmth before the storm rolled in. If there’s one thing about this isolation it’s that you start to appreciate the little things.
  • The small wins each day.
  • This article “Can we stop trying to optimise our isolation” by Russh.
  • I just started reading Expectation by Anna Hope and so far so good. I’ll be sure to update you if I recommend it. I did also finally finish Normal People by Sally Rooney which I enjoyed – a very realistic and interesting way of exploring a relationship between two people over time.
  • Is it too early to buy knitwear? This cable knit jumper is heaven and on sale!

Highs & Lows | Stoleninspiration.com | NZ Fashion5


  • My skin doesn’t like me eating everything in sight.
  • I keep getting anxious in the late evenings. Put it down to having too much free time, and I mean I even attempted Tinder but don’t worry, I ended up buying more books instead.
  • I have like 5 parcels to chase up after lockdown. Fun times.
  • It must be nice to be in love with someone during isolation.
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