Highs And Lows Of The Week #96

I’ve been stuck at home sick which at the very least has meant a lot of time to online shop, order food and find great new music. Here’s what I’ve been loving this week…

I just returned home from an easy afternoon spent at my friends watching Netflix and eating fish and chips. I’ve been sick at home most of the week so this one has been very low key. I feel so much better now though thanks to a bit of forced R&R. It’s funny how forgiving people are when you’re sick now – especially when working from home. I’m (almost) looking forward to returning to work tomorrow just for the sake of chatting with everyone. A welcome change from all the time I’ve had on my own.

Highs & Lows | StolenInspiration.com NZ Fashion Blog


  • I’ve found my new favourite Duck Island combination – Toasted Marshmellow and Strawberry, Coconut and Lime Leaf. The mix of sweet and tart is where it’s at. JJ brought delivered me a tub of this week when I was in the prime of feeling sick and sorry for myself which I’ve been picking at all week.
  • You know you’re getting old when you get excited about new bedding. I bought heaps from Onceit a while ago and it arrived this week just in time for my post-sickness sanitising of my room. The bedding on there is always so affordable – I got these sheets and this duvet which is so lush.
  • A parcel of mine that went missing ages ago popped up this week and came with it the comfiest grey winter jumper. It’s on sale at the moment too!
  • The Gallinee Face Mask & Scrub is severely underrated. I pulled it back out from my collection this week because it’s one scrub that I find gentle enough on my dry skin but leaves it feeling so soft. 
  • I’m so late to the party but Call Her Daddy podcast is hilarious. Be warned: it’s pretty much all about sex.
  • Ever since I went to Turkey I can’t get enough of Mediterranean food. We went to Odette’s for breakfast the other day and their Burnt Eggplant Harissa, Braised Beans, Baba Ghanoush, Crispy Chickpeas is my new favourite dish. 
  • My friend Sam came to stay the other day and god, have I missed her. I love solid friends that are always the same no matter how much time is spent apart.
  • I can’t tell you how many messages I had about the sweatpants I posted in my recent Instagram and blog post. They’re from Arby & Opal. So comfortable and 100% recommend.
  • Music: I Had A Vision – MasegoI Do Everything! – MasegoCount Me In – TheyRaw Dinner – Cruel Santino & Kida Kudz

Highs & Lows | StolenInspiration.com NZ Fashion Blog Highs & Lows | StolenInspiration.com NZ Fashion Blog


  • Even though I feel better, I feel beyond tired. Like my body is shutting down tired.
  • Stress levels this week. When it rains it fucking pours.
  • Ever since I realised I won’t be going on holiday this year I can’t stop shopping. So much for saving for a house…
  • My phone is slowly dying because I have no space. I’ve got over 100k photos on it which I now have to go back through and somehow delete. RIP.
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