Highs & Lows Of The Week #12

From Melbourne to Christchurch, now Auckland.

Another week, another highs and lows post. I’m currently in Christchurch catching up with friends but it won’t be long until I’m on a flight to Auckland. As much as I love travelling, living out of a suitcase quickly becomes overrated and I’m craving some sort of stability. I’m hoping to find a job in Auckland before the Christmas period but if not, I might be spending the summer moving around and making the most of my free time. Time is moving quickly though so who knows where I’ll end up? For now though I need to pack and hit the road again – enjoy this highs and lows post!




  • It’s bittersweet to be back in New Zealand after such a long time. I’m glad to be home but I also am craving the beach lifestyle. Australia you really are a gem.
  • Seeing friends here after 9 months and everything is stillΒ so easy. That’s when you know you have genuine (and most likely lifelong) friends because it should never be hard to fall into old routines with them.
  • I went to the Christchurch Races on Saturday and it was such a nice day. So good to catch up with everyone and the weather was so much better than the Melbourne Cup. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up?
  • Had the best day at the beach in Melbourne before I left. If you’re near St. Kilda you have to go to Paper Fish and get calamari, then eat it on the beach. I’m going to miss it so much.
  • The waffles at Strawberry Fair because I swearΒ it’s now a Christchurch tradition when staying with Tori. They’re the BEST.
  • YOU MUST WATCH THE SINNER ON NETFLIX. So good, especially if you’re into crime shows like moi. Full of good twists and suspense.
  • Also been really into Allana Davison on Youtube lately. She’s a Canadian beauty/fashion gal and she’s just easy to watch. No screeching involved.


  • I’m super tired. Between time zone differences and my bad sleeping patterns I am like a sleep walker. I swear I’ve already spent most of today horizontal trying to catch some Z’s.
  • Flying Virgin back to Christchurch from Melbourne. Probably one of my worst flights ever.


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