Highs & Lows Of The Week #23

I have officially moved to…

I have no idea how I have fit everything I have into this week. I’ve gone between Central Otago and Dunedin several times, as well as jetting off to the North Island. I’ve caught up with friends I hadn’t seen in years, and now I’m getting ready to start the next chapter.

While living at home for a while was nice, it will be settling to have a little direction in my life once again. We can’t travel forever, right?


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  • Guys, I’ve moved again – I’m living back in Auckland! I’m back here for a job which is kind of nerve-racking but exciting. It will be amazing to live closer to my friends once again since I haven’t in the last two years.
  • Like I said, catching up with old friends. It’s so easy to fall back into the swing of things even if it has been years. Makes it feel more like home, you know?
  • Enjoyed eating at all the old regular places (and some new) this week in Dunedin. If you’re here, try Plato, Vanguard or Starfish in Dunedin for food. Soo very good, even if it’s just the muesli.

Outfit Of The Week



Highs & Lows | Stoleninspiration.com | NZ Fashion & Beauty Blogger

As mentioned in my previous Highs & Lows Post, I’m going to add any Tumblr questions you ask me here to these posts every Sunday.

Tumblr Questions:

“Hi there love your blog, was just wondering do you take a tripod with you when you go traveling? if so what kind of tripod do you use? looking for one that will be good for moving around with. Thanks”

Hey and thank you! I actually haven’t in the past just because the one I have is for a professional camera aka heavy AF. If you’re travelling I’d suggest something like a Gorillapod Tripod because it’s easy to use and compact for travel. The one I use is a Manfrotto MK294A3-A0RC2 294 Aluminum Tripod Kit with Ball Head with Quick Release.

“What kind of lighting do you find best for your photos? ie what time of day? also if the lighting is bad say because the weather but you still have to take photos what do you do/ how do ‘set up’ lighting?”

I find overcast lighting to be the best. I always take my photos in natural light so making the most of what’s available is a must. If it’s bad outside I’d try to shoot by a window, or somewhere under cover. I’d also consider rescheduling and taking them when the weather clears. I don’t own any lighting so that’s out of the question unless I use my camera’s built-in flash.


  • Everyone is so busy moving in different circles that you can have a day of magic and then it’s gone. I miss the times when all of my friends lived in the same place.
  • Got a lot of that uneasy feeling that comes every time I move.
  • My inbox is so crazy full that I just think it would be fair to walk away and not attempt to try to email everyone back. Dramatic I know. There’s just too many.
  • Not a fan of Dude on Netflix – is it me or does a lot of Netflix Originals have kind of pointless storylines?


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