Highs And Lows Of The Week #34

I’ve been non-stop working the past two weeks – between Fashion Week, 24 hours at home and all the in-between. Here’s what I’ve been up to for the past two weeks.

Highs & Lows | Stoleninspiration.com | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

We’re back and with a highs and lows of the week to boot. I’ve absolutely been swamped with work for the past couple of weeks. I finally feel as though I’m getting on top of my workload once again now though. Having a full-time job while freelancing and blogging is not recommended. Especially in the middle of fashion week. Especially when you’re like me and as soon as you have free time you know you’ll nap. Anyway, I thought I’d take this chance to catch you up on highlights of my past two weeks and catch you up on what’s been happening.


Highs & Lows | Stoleninspiration.com | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle BloggerHighs & Lows | Stoleninspiration.com | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger



  • My number one Netflix recommendation right now is To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. If you need an easy, chick-flick to watch this is it. I’ve already watched it twice.
  • I went to a couple of the New Zealand Fashion Week shows this week with friends from work. We went to Stolen Girlfriends Club and Huffer, but I’ll talk about them in an up-coming post soon. It was so nice to take a break and see what was going on.
  • Amplify Kombucha which I’ve been told to try this so many times. I finally did and I’m glad. This is going to be my alternative to Fanta, because I need to stop my new addiction I have to drinking it while hungover. For people who aren’t too into Kombucha (unless you are on some kind of health kick) this one is way less intense tasting.
  • I joined the two Amy’s from L’Occitane and a bunch of lovely bloggers at The Sugar Club a couple of weeks ago. It was an evening of amazing food, wine and education for the launch of their new product – The Rest & Reset Serum. They’ve made a gorgeous new product to help your skin rest during the night and prep it for the day ahead. I can’t wait to start incorporating it into my night routine now that this hectic week is over. Also, I can finally start prepping my skin for the warmer seasons – yay!
  • Halo Top Ice Cream is now here! Who doesn’t love a good tasting, low-calorie dessert? No one, that’s who. I found it in Countdown but it looked like it was the last left so I have a feeling this one is going to be hard to get your hands on.
  • I went home last weekend for 24 hours and it was completely worth it (even though I still haven’t caught up on sleep). It’s just so good to be able to see people you haven’t seen in the past 6 months and it’s all still the same. Also it was kind of a life palette cleanse since Auckland was getting a little monotonous.
  • The Truth or Drink series on Youtube by Cut. So hilarious.
  • I shot my new Converse One Star shoes with Jono Parker & Remix Magazine down at the Viaduct. You can see my feature online now here. I’ll also be sure to share those snaps on here soon so you can see what I styled them with. I love the shoes though – I’ve been wanting to get some ever since I flew with Converse to Sydney. Stoked to finally have some in my collection!
  • Music: This Thing We Got – The Kite String Tangle, Make It Work – Majid Jordan, Illenium – Crawl Outta Love
  • Getting picked up from the airport when you’re extremely hung over. Honestly, it’s the little things like this that win me over every time.



Highs & Lows | Stoleninspiration.com | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Highs & Lows | Stoleninspiration.com | NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger



  • I feel actually exhausted lately when I have down time. I just need to start saying no to work because I clearly can’t hack it.
  • You know when you get yourself into a situation by accident and you don’t know how to get yourself out without blowing everything up? Yeah, that.
  • My flatmates and I talk about this a lot (we’re girls, obviously) I just feel like girls have to put up with so much shit compared to guys. Especially to do with health.
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